Sunday sewing room tidying

I seem to have a perpetually messy sewing room. No matter my intentions, my space seems to degenerate into a ummmm, porcine place of repose with some frequency. Today I decided to tackle my sewing desk area – since it was in a state that would not actually allow for sewing. Crisis time!

I sorted threads by color and type, and put them into their respective storage units. All of my sewing machine needles went into a cute little box, extra feet ino another, and tools went into a third. After a little more sorting, storing and straightening, I opened my button drawer. You have one too – full of spares, mistakes, leftovers, miscellaneous purchases, and even some treasures. But the trick is actually finding and using any of the contents on a real garment!


Some time back I had purchased a bait box on the recommendation of a fellow sewing nerd, and I spied it hiding in a dusty corner of my sewing room. Perfect! Presto-changeo, I added the little worm-y dividers (yuck!), and started sorting buttons. I felt like a little kid again going thru my mom’s buttons. It was really fun to think about the garments I had made and the places I had bought all these buttons. OK, the whole process did take quite a while and a few glasses of wine to complete, but wow-zers! I might actually be able to find/use some of my buttons now!


And these pixs are just a bonus. Take a look at these vintage button cards. Seriously peeps! Tweny-nine cents for a card of buttons? Thirty-nine cents? La Mode buttons are still made in Hollland, at least as of the semi-recent card I added for perspective. I haven’t seen Lansing or Classic in the stores in ages, but I thought you’d get a kick out of these cards. I did!




Happy sewing!
Maris Olsen

4 Responses to Sunday sewing room tidying

  1. I have all my buttons in jars – so it’s really hard to find a ‘group’ of them when I need them. However, your post reminded me, I have about 2-3 extra (and empty) boxes for embroidery thread that look about like that worm-y box you have! I see some organization coming 🙂 My sewing room is perpetually messy, but I do try to put the major things away just so I can find them again. Now, the button cards – I love old button cards, and notions papers of all kinds. Like the paper they wrap around ric rac or bias tape? I have some that say 10 cents 🙂 Yeah, that was a LONG time ago!!!!

  2. I have 9 of those bait boxes filled with buttons. Other than that your ‘porcine’ adjective describes my sewing room to a T. Recently I took my bait boxes to a sewing retreat. A very organized friend of mine saw the button boxes. She was appalled that I was actually more organized than she in the button department. The next day she went out and bought bait boxes so now I don’t out organizer her in any department LOL. So…your post really struck home.

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