Speed up the turn-up

By the time I get to the hemming stage of a project, I am more than ready to wear my new garment! Plus, I like figuring out ways that I can speed up the prep jobs and other “non-sewing” tasks that are necessary parts of the sewing process. My brain just seems to get a kick out of figuring out how to do things faster, easier, better. The fastest way I know to mark hem allowances is to make a collection of cardboard templates. I just use old manila file folders, cut them into strips of varying widths with a rotary cutter, and snap! A new sewing tool. Cheap, easy, and fast – what could be better? I made a set of these handy little hem templates in graduated widths – 1″, 1.25″, 1.5″, etc – all the way up to 3″. Pretty sweet, huh?

Now whenever I need to press up a hem, I turn on my iron, grab the appropriate template width, and the job is done in a jif. Give yourself a Christmas present, and make a set of these easy templates to speed along your hemming task.


Happy sewing!
Maris Olsen

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