Quick Tip Tuesday: Refashioning Garments

Sometimes modifying a garment that is already in your closet can move it from the almost-never-worn status to a frequent-favorite.

McCalls 5974 by Sew Maris

This was my first dress of 2014. I LOVE the fabric (purchased at District Fabric in Seattle), but I originally made View C/D with the wrap ties. I should have known better. Fussy hoo-haws on clothing is not my style. Not.At.All.

So I ripped open the (SERGED) side seams, removed the ties, and now have a dress that fits my personal style better. I could have donated this dress, or given it to a friend, but I wanted to try a re-do first because I love the fabric. Naturally, ripping out the previous stitching took longer than serging the seam closed again, but it still was way less than an hour from start to finish.

Do you ever try re-making clothing that isn’t a total win for your personal style? What was your favorite re-make?

Happy sewing!



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  1. I have that pattern (as do a million other people) and never made the view with the tie because I feel ridiculous in dresses with wrap ties. I’m over 60 and those ties strike me as way too juvenile. Not to mention, the last place I need more bulk is around my waist! Your dress is classy looking AND comfy, now.

      • Yes, I have that “slap in the face” moment too when I look in the mirror and don’t see a fresh-faced college girl anymore 🙂 Re the waist ties, I can handle them on a wrap dress or elsewhere when they are truly needed, but just as a bulky design element, no. Especially the ones that tie in the back. My 6-year old granddaughter looks precious in those. Me? Um, no.

  2. Yes, it is fun to make something over! My favorite do-over was on a very warm polar fleece pullover I got at a company sales meeting years ago. I took it apart and replaced the logo piece with a pretty green plaid fleece remnant, then slit it up the middle and put in a separating zipper. It became my favorite jacket for really cold days.

  3. Nice save indeed! I’m currently re knitting a dreadful striped sweater (my second one ever!) into something far nicer… It really was too awful to even donate to charity but this new pattern is knitting up a treat!

  4. What a great idea. I have several wrap dress projects, I like the style, but really don’t care for the ties. You’ve inspired me!! Less fussy when you can just slip it over your head. And heading to 59…..

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