McCalls 5974: First dress of 2014


Yep, I finished my first dress for 2014! I fell in love with this black, grey and white knit fabric on a recent shopping trip to District Fabrics, and it seemed just perfect for McCall’s 5974. I have had this pattern in my stash for a while, and thought it had some cute design lines that were a little different than my TNT knit dress, Simplicity 3775 (OOP).

Well, I think the fabric saves the dress. I like it, but I don’t LOVE it. It is comfy to wear, and of course, is in my most-often-worn color palette, so I know it will come up in the rotation frequently.


The problem is that it has that slight maternity-dress vibe. It is less noticeable with the wrap ties, for sure, but there is still of whiff of impending birth about it.


Or maybe it is the ties in the back that make it seem a little more juvenile than I want. I’m not sure. Like I said, I do LIKE it, but I haven’t totally warmed up to it yet. Maybe after a few more wearings…

And the construction directions. Can you say STOO-pid? I paid no attention to them, and used knit construction techniques that made sense for the fabric and design. Specifically:

  1. eliminated the back zipper
  2. set the sleeves in flat before stitching up the side seams
  3. lined the entire dress, but that was due to my slightly sheer fabric
  4. serged the entire dress
  5. sandwiched the front bodice between the midriff layers
  6. eliminated the midriff interfacing
  7. applied 1/4″ clear elastic around the entire neckline to help hold the neckline against the body more securely

Toby and Black Dot Knit Dress

The dress does go with Toby’s attire, although he doesn’t seem that enthusiastic about the dress either. The best part is I finished a dress in the first week of January!

Happy sewing!


15 Responses to McCalls 5974: First dress of 2014

  1. I don’t see maternity in that dress at all! I’ve always loved wrap tie dresses (although I’ve never actually sewn one an never found a rtw that fit me well), but I love them in theory. If you’re worried about the tie in back, I often make an additional wrap with the tie so that the straps are much shorter and tie it in the front of the dress but off to the side (NOT centered). That usually gets rid of the excess-strap-length issue while making a jaunty little fashion statement out of it. Regardless, you look fab!

  2. I actually really like it. But, it’s a style of dress I’m already drawn to. In fact, I just made a similar style dress, but I left off the midriff bands – now that’s a maternity dress! And, strangely enough, my favorite dress pattern of 2013 had ties in the back. They’re super annoying when I’m sitting in a rigid chair, but I like the flexibility in fit that they give.

    • Thanks Amy! Sometimes I think it takes our eye a while to adjust to a new styling that is not already part of our wardrobe. I’m going to wear it for a while and see how I feel later!

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