Ready-to-Wear Fasting

You have probably heard of Goodbye Valentino’s RTW Fast. Cuz you are just cool like that.

RTW 2015 Bade by Sew Maris


I thought about participating last year, but you know, sometimes you just can’t commit, amiright? 😉

For 2015, I am all in. Gonna officially take the plunge. I don’t know about all you other RTW Faster-types, but I definitely have some exclusions.

Shoes. I have enough tools and mess in my house with all my sewing paraphernalia, and I sure don’t need to learn cobblering. Only.So.Much.Time.Remaining!

Lingerie. Can you spell BOR-ring? I like to sew tailored shirts, people, and this year my goals are to ratchet up my coat tailoring skills and try my hand at men’s dress slacks. Panties? Pffft. I can envision I might try making them some day, because it IS fun to whip out a quick project now and again, but it is so far down my I-want-to-sew-list it may never surface. And I don’t really have any trouble getting bras to fit properly, so that effort also just doesn’t provide sufficient return on time investment. I know, loads of you out there disagree with me. That’s OK. We can still be friends. 😉

Sweaters. KnitNBee, I bow to you, and the many other great knitters out there. I know how to knit, but don’t do much of it anymore. I already have enough arthritis in my hands to cause discomfort, and I need to save my hand energy for sewing and gardening. On that note, I am starting to think about which varieties of edible greens I should plant in the next month or two…we have had a mild winter here in the PNW. Gardening time!

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  1. Ha! I’m with you on underwear being buried deep in the ‘list’ but there’s something tempting about using up all those knit scraps I’ve got floating around! I’m just waiting for a pair of my fave RTW jocks to bite the dust….. Good luck – I haven’t formally committed to any such thing but in the last 2 years the only new things I’ve bought have been underwear, my wedding dress and one (disappointing) J Crew whilst stateside on our honeymoon. I’d just rather spend my cash on fabric!

  2. Heeheehee, I’m with you… I’d rather do just about anything than sew undies! Not interested in making or wearing handmade undies, yuck! 😀 You gotta save your time for clothes you can show off!

  3. You are too funny!! I am trying to do this too, but I am hesitant to commit in writing, because the instant I do – I rebel!! LOL. I certainly enjoy making a good tailored shirt too! Can’t wait to see all the lovely things you make this year!!

  4. I am also “unofficially” doing the ready to wear fast this year too. I have so many project I wanted to sew and well a large stash collection that I thought I might actually try to use!!! Can’t wait to see your progress, and maybe get an idea for new garments.

  5. Not quite ready yet but I do want to sew more for myself, rather than just sewing for the kiddos. In addition to some shirts, I want to sew some dresses fit for travel. And – yep – I’ve always wanted to know how to sew nice bras!!!! As long as you still like me, I’m fine with it. 🙂

  6. I tried the no RTW last year and did pretty well – for me. I made it all the way to the end of July. (darn J’Jill store opened in our town – finally) Anyway, I am again commiting and will be rereading “Where Am I Wearing'” for reinforcement. Today, I made 2 t-shirts with three-quarter sleeves. My exclusions are similar to yours. Last year it also included jeans which I plan to learn to make this year.

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