Quick Tip Tuesday: A Clever Use of Sealant

I LOVE reading or hearing about clever sewing tips from others, and passing them off as my ownsharing them with my wonderful readers.

I use a seam sealant on my buttonholes before I cut them open,but I never thought to add a drop of seam sealant to the button. I recently read this little tip in Sew News, and thought it was pretty clever. Especially for machine-stitched buttons. I think the fabric would disintegrate before any button I hand-stitched on would have the nerve to fall off, but I think this is a great tip for purchased RTW shirts.

Have you ever tried adding seam sealant to buttons?

Happy sewing!


2 Responses to Quick Tip Tuesday: A Clever Use of Sealant

  1. Yep all the time – I’ve got John trained to put a drop on his shirts from Land’s end before he wears them!

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