Style Arc Anthea Dress

Don’t you think this dress just begs to be made up for flirty spring and summer wear? So very coquette-ish, n’est-ce pas?

Designed for an experienced sewist, the challenging sew Anthea is described by Style Arc as “…the dress of the season, fitted bodice with a soft falling skirt, can be made with or without lining. This is the dress of the moment; wear it with your favourite belt, pop on the Hannah jacket for a complete look.”

Style Arc Anthea by Sew Maris

I made up my version of this pretty, feminine dress from a piece of silky soft cotton shirting I bought last year, maybe at Sew Expo. Billie’s Designer Fabrics? Nancy’s Sewing Basket? I can’t remember for sure where my purchase was made, but I was saving this fabric for just the right garment. I think it was aging properly for the Anthea, don’t you? Ummm, those whimsical dark navy pinwheels on bright purple and off-white striped fabric are definitely fun and flirty, IMHO.


Obviously you can’t see, but I lined the dress in a very lightweight cotton batiste. No slip. No see-through. Win-win! I also had to lengthen the skirt about 3 inches. For some reason the Style Arc pants are super long and I never have to add length, but the skirts are way short for ummm, a woman of a certain age.

Style Arc Anthea by Sew Maris

I made 4 fitting adjustments to this pattern: 1) petite’d (shortened) the bodice thru the armhole by almost 1/2 inch front and back; 2) added 3 inches to the skirt length; 3) added a forward shoulder adjustment, and 4) dropped the side front dart by 1/2 inch. I think the front fits perfectly! No complaints.


Grrrrr! What’s going on with that back armhole?

Style Arc Anthea by Sew MAris

Hey! Where did this extra length come from? Am I shorter in my back bodice than my front bodice?

I guess I didn’t check the back view carefully enough with my bodice muslin. Sigh. Guess I will get to make friends with my seam ripper again. I am not sure I am up for putting the zipper in again, but I will definitely rip the shoulders apart and pull the back up a bit at the shoulder seam. Maybe that will make the back hang properly enough that I can live with it. Or I can always just throw a cardigan on, right? 😉

Style Arc Anthea Dress by Sew Maris

Just look at it from the front. With a little twirling it looks great! I am totally going to wear this dress with a smile on my face even if I can’t get the back fit perfected, and will just work on tweaking the fit on the next version. This dress is definitely a winner, and there will be more of them coming.

Happy sewing!



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    • Thanks Justine! Ehhh, it is rather expensive to ship from Australia, but I love their patterns so much I just suck it up and order a small container at a time to at least bundle the shipping expense. 😉

    • Thank you Andrea. I know what you mean! ALL dresses look cute on the young gals who are size 2! We, ummm, need to be a bit more discriminating. ANd lengthen the hemline, too!! 😉

    • Thank you so much Katie – very sweet of you! I quite agree -it is a simple dress. I would think the lining is why they classify it challenging. Some people get freaked by linings, even tho it is often just another “copy” of the outer garment. Easy peasy!

      Hope you are sewing something wonderful today!

  1. Maris. That’s a great looking dress. If your dress was didn’t have room to move you would have torn it by now.
    A girl’s gotta have room to move.
    I love the fabric you’ve chosen too.

    • Awww, thanks Maria! I agree I do need a little room – but I think I added too much length tot he back should. I will just adjust that a little and call if good!

  2. Maris,
    This is lovely, and simple and a perfect summer dress. The tiny bit of length in the back is not noticeable. And it looks better than some of the straining I see on bodices.
    You look wonderful. Enjoy that dress.

  3. This looks so nice on you! The skirt has just the right amount of fullness! It is funny that it’s described as challenging- it seems pretty straightforward!

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