Send Your Son to Sew Camp

Sewing is not just for girls, you know. There are loads of extremely accomplished and talented men sewists in the world, and one of them has been in my studio the past couple of weeks. He doesn’t have that big a following yet, but give him a bit of time and he might just blow up on all the social media channels.


That happened last week. Some.Serious.Concentration.


Boys wear pajama pants. Girls wear pajama pants. Both girls and boys enjoy sewing pajama pants!


Looks like happiness is making a drawstring backpack for the first time!


“Dad! Don’t make me laugh!”


Two cute models showing off their finished PJ pants before Mr. S. headed off to another gymnastic event. The guy has some moves, I’ll tell you! After making his first pair of pajama pants with the rest of the class Monday and Tuesday, Mr. S worked mostly solo on his second pair today. I’m willing to bet his mom and dad might get a pair before too long!

It has really been great to have Mr. S. sewing with the other kids the past couple of weeks. He is a very focused and motivated sewing student, and it has been really fun to watch his fast progress at the sewing machine.Thanks for hanging out in the sewing studio, Mr. S, you have been a very welcome addition!!

Happy sewing!


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  1. OH MY GAH, THESE KIDS ARE SO CUTE. I always tell my husband he would be the best sewer- he’s really, really detail-oriented, very neat and tidy, and has really specific wants from his clothing. Can I send him to your camp??? 😀

    • YES!

      Ginger, I have taught quite a few adult men to sew, and every single one of them has been amazing! All their focus, spatial skills, and engineering-type brains are super helpful with all the logical, construction parts of sewing. This guy was my first young man, and he has been a total delight.

      Have a happy day sewing!

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