Remodel Timeout Finally Over

Remodeling is not for the faint of heart.

Sew Maris sewing studio makeover

But my newly-sanded-refinished floors are totally DA BOMB, and the studio-makeover-to-date looks awesome. I guess multi-thousands of dollars, a couple of gallons of paint, and hours of labor really can make a difference! 😉

Sew Maris sewing studio makeover

My amazing husband built an awesome new, L-shaped sewing table just for me. Henceforth, this will be known as the students-off-limits-zone.

Sew Maris sewing studio makeover

Ohhh, and I love the recessed table support he added for my Bernina 710. Now I have such a big work surface that is all the same level! He even drilled out a hole for the knee lift. Yay!!

Sew Maris sewing studio makeover

This closet used to hold my gift wrap, extra dining table leaves, and a few odds and ends for sewing. Now it is the sewing machine garage, Etsy store warehouse, and “less frequently used but still needed fabrics + batting + miscellany” storage area. And yes, I do need all those machines. You have heard me complain about the Hello Kitty machines kids bring to sew camps, right? 😉

Sew Maris sewing studio makeover

Moving my filing cabinet to this location also provided the perfect perch for my press. It is heavy enough that I don’t enjoy lugging it around the room, and since there is an electrical outlet behind the cabinet it is now in it’s permanent location. BAM!

Sew Maris sewing studio makeover

Categorized fabric stash. Well, one of them anyway. You will have to provide plenty o’dark chocolate (70% cacao, please) to findout the whereabouts of the remaining goods.

Sew Maris sewing studio makeover

This side of the room is for sewing students. I might get some new chairs, and am contemplating making cute fabric covers. Probably not this summer tho….all good ideas need time to ferment.

Ahhh, and notice the back windows. Another big thrill of my remodel is the window seat cushions are actually now usable as butt-seats, instead of piles-o-crap storage areas.

I can’t believe I started sorting, packing, and moving out of this room over two months ago! Now most of my supplies and stash are moved back in place, the walls have been painted a very light teal, the floors are light and fresh-looking, and all of the mahogany door + floor moulding is installed. Looking darn good. So lovely, in fact, I might just have a Murphy bed added so I never have to leave.

Happy sewing!





16 Responses to Remodel Timeout Finally Over

    • Hahaha, thanks Morgan. It IS kind of an amazing room. The woman we bought the house from had her own business too, and this space was added to accommodate it.

  1. It’s awesome++! I love the L shape sewing table with the machine beds on the same level. You also gave me the idea of putting that little trash collection in front of the serger. I knew it existed, but it never occurred to me that I should do that.

    • Thanks so much Kennis! I am super happy with it, and also pleased to be at the “tweaking” stage rather than major unpacking and organizing. 😉

  2. Well, it looks like it was worth the wait! What a gorgeous room and it looks so nicely organized too! I love all those window and natural light. You are a lucky lady and you have lucky students.

    • Kim, I was gifted this table from a friend. All I know is it is 3 separate tables underneath, with a large base on the top that holds a 92×44 inch cutting mat. It is the best!

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