Extreme Makeover Time

I am not sure whether to call Ty Pennington or FEMA.

Sewing Studio Makeover by Sew Maris

Someone decided that re-finishing the hardwood floors in our house would be a good idea. That same someone is now having a panic attack, because cleaning, sorting, organizing, and packing up a sewing studio is no small task. After signing on the contractor’s dotted line, I spent the next few days hiding in my bedroom eating dark chocolate and drinking red wine getting my courage up for this task.

Sewing Studio Makeover by Sew Maris

Now I am in extreme clean-out mode. Selling, donating, adding to the landfill. Cathartic and exhausting at the same time.

By mid-May there will be sparkly new floors. There might be fresh paint on the walls. There will be new storage systems to hold a reduced volume of fabric and sewing paraphernalia.

In case you have been wondering about the radio silence around here, now you know why. Please, tell me your sewing stories, because there is precious little of that going on around here these days!!

Happy sewing!


16 Responses to Extreme Makeover Time

  1. Feel your pain. I’ve decided to flip my sewing room upstairs (tiny bedroom) to downstairs (family room we rarely use). While I’m at it; paint the walls, put in new carpeting, new molding, and re-shuffle huge, heavy furniture! It will be wonderful when I’m done, but so much work and no John to help (though that could be good news!) This is my spring project – hopefully it also won’t be my summer and fall project also!

  2. Oh my goodness! I know I’ll be going through this within a year. My hardwood floor is done and the walls need to be painted. I’ve been trying to get a handle on my supplies by leaving a box near my fabric “pantry” and weeding through everything.
    I know I’ll be very stressed when it actually is time to replace the floor.

    • Thanks, Denise. We have been delaying this job for along time, and really just need to bite the bullet. Hopefully, I won’t gain 20 pounds stress-eating dark chocolate!;-)

    • It is starting to feel good!! Thank goodness my son was home this week – we made HUGE progress – mostly due to him saying “Mom! Really? PITCH IT!” LOL!

  3. Oh, Maris! I feel for you. I’ve been doing the sewing space shuffle and am just now getting back into my room. I’m torn between using it with the boxes piled around me, the floors just exercise tiles, and the walls that need to be painted. I am choosing right now, to just sew with the chaos around me. The sewing takes me away to a sense of calm.

    I can’t wait to see what you turn your new sewing studio into. I’m sure all of this will be worth it in the end.

  4. LOL! I feel your pain! I have a glass room for stained/fused/torch glass work that looks like this. And I have a craft room for sewing/knitting/spinning that looks like this. I’m jealous though. Both of my rooms are far smaller!

    You’ll get through this overwhelmingness! I can’t wait to see the finished, reorganized, newly beautiful room!

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