Easy Fix

Technically, this Cosy Cardigan was not a UFO, but it had been living in the gi-normous UFO pile for some months. I had worn it several times, and love it….with one tiny exception.

When I originally made this cardi I didn’t want to put buttons/snaps/any kind of closure on it, but discovered that when worn the angled front edges refused to behave themselves. They are a bit floppy actually. And since there is no one alive who detests fussing with her clothing more than me, something had to be done. I get dressed in the morning, and that.is.all. Clothing placing/smoothing/straightening is a definite no bueno.

Striped Cosy Cardigan by Sew Maris

Can you see the slight difference on the right front (as worn)? I am hoping that softening the angle will help the front “stay put” a little better when worn.

Cosy Cardigan by Sew Maris

It really was a minor adjustment. All I did was rip out some of the topstitching, adjust the seaming to a gentle curve, trim the old seam allowance, and then re-topstitch. BAM! I didn’t even rip out all the topstitching, tho I did make sure to start and stop stitching in the navy part of the stripe. The navy thread blended so well the overstitching was not even visible, so yay!

I have been on a bit of a mission to clear out some of my UFO/not quite perfect garments. So far, one purple fail and this Cosy have been yanked from my pile. I hope to test drive this sweater next week, and am super hopeful this tweak will move it from an OK garment to a workhorse. I love, love, love the fabric and the styling, so, fingers crossed!

How long does it take you to “fiddle” with your not-quite-perfect garments? Do you fix, or toss?

Happy sewing!


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  1. I have been inclined to put my UFOs away, thinking I will work on them later. A few months ago, I pulled a bunch from the last few years (there are more in boxes from earlier) and put each in a separate plastic box, stacked on my sewing table. For many, I have not known what to do to fix them, but I have been inspired by you & Myrna to pull them out, and see what I can do – or get rid of them!

    • I agree Linda! The main thing is to TAKE ACTION. Pitching is acceptable if the garment no longer suits you, or is too much trouble to correct, or was a passing whim of any kind. But leaving the piles in the sewing studio is physical and psychic weight on your creative soul!! Happy sewing!

  2. Truth be told, I don’t fix OR toss my problem garments- I shove them into my UFO bag and then ignore them for a few years! 😉 Ugh, Maris, now I’m going to have to pull out my bag and fix something today… I feel guilty now!

  3. You are absolutely right, Maris. I read once that the only sin is to leave something unused. It is better to burn it and release the energy, than to let it sit on the shelf. I believe it is so.

  4. I’ve just been on a major wardrobe overhaul pulling out the unworn and FORCiNG myself to fix/alter what can be done to make them more wearable – sometime it’s lowering an uncomfortable neckline or raising a hemline (makes me sound like a tramp). It’s been a good exercise!

    • I know,Sarah! I am trying to either “use it or lose it” with my sewing projects. In a way it is less interesting than a new project, but SUPER satisfying to get something out of the “almost done” or “not often worn because of XX” pile.

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