Sewing Summit: 36 reasons you should attend


  1. You will meet the most awesome new friends at the Sewing Summit.
  2. You will get to sew cool stuff.
  3. You will be excused from the dishes for the whole weekend.
  4. There are fabric shopping opportunities!
  5. It is sunny ALL THE TIME in Salt Lake City (this may only be important to people from the Northwest).
  6. You get to hang out with a whole tribe of people who share your love of “all things sewing”.
  7. There is no laundry room in your hotel room.
  8. You can stay up as late you like, and most likely there will be someone to share the fun with you.
  9. You might just become a networking-ninja.
  10. You will come home with neat gifts from generous sponsors.
  11. You will learn new things about sewing.
  12. You can eat waffles with crème fraiche and Belgium chocolate sauce BEFORE dinner.
  13. The Sewing Summit will teach you new things about how to build a creative business.
  14. You can watch whatever you want on TV in your hotel room.
  15. You can help other people with their sewing projects.
  16. You can get help with your sewing project.
  17. You can eat as many donuts as you like for breakfast and no one will tattle.
  18. You will be awe-struck by the creative energy surging through the Sewing Summit classrooms.
  19. You can win fat quarter bundles, fabric store certificates, and other prizes!
  20. You will laugh. Lots!
  21. You can make something amazing for your Secret Swap Pal.
  22. You can receive something amazing from your Secret Swap Pal.
  23. You will get to hear really cool stories about starting and running a creative business.
  24. You can learn about why your blog pictures suck, and how you can make them better.
  25. You can sew something you are really proud of.
  26. You will become inspired.
  27. You can learn how to make your garments fit better.
  28. You get to sew on Bernina sewing machines!
  29. You can be served grape juice (really???) at lunch.
  30. You can find out what it takes to get a creative book published.
  31. You will build your skillz.
  32. You always have someone to eat breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks with.
  33. Your family will miss you, and maybe even appreciate you a little more when you get back home. For at least a day. 😉
  34. You can learn tons of tips about how to make your blog more effective.
  35. You might get your picture taken with some fancy-pants sewing peeps.
  36. Your creative vision for your business, your sewing, and maybe even your life, just might get expanded. Maybe even A LOT.


Love that Erin gal!!

Sewing Summit Dinner

Dinner Thursday night at the Blue Iguana

Sewing Summit Ellen March

Ellen March sharing her insights about getting published in a magazine

Sewing Summit Amy Alice

Amy and Alice from talk about blogging partnerships with Bernina


The Craftsy bloggers meet-up at the Sewing Summit!


Look at the cute shirts they made!!
Happy sewing!

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  1. Seriously, what was the deal with the grape juice?? It was so great to meet you at Sewing Summit and hear about your experiences teaching. I definitely feel like we’re kindred spirits.

    • I KNOW, right?!?! Too bad we kind of live on opposite sides of the country. I hope we meet up again soon in real person life, and our next meeting will have to include only fermented grape juice! 🙂

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