Ready for a new week

Last week was a bust, and I totally didn’t see it coming. My calendar looked pretty open, and I was definitely on a high after returning from Sewing Summit in Salt Lake City. I was expecting to have plenty of time to trace, cut-out, and start sewing the long list of projects on my to-make list.

But the universe had other plans for me. Boo.

  • A family emergency caused Monday and half of Tuesday to be spent on trauma cleanup.
  • We received some bad health news from another family member.
  • A third family member suffered an unexpected job loss.

And never mind that the refrigerator was empty, the bathrooms unhygienic, and the laundry room was not navigable. But do you know what got me through last week? Besides my DH and kisses from my DGD, it was my sewing students. My two favorite fifth-graders who come for sewing lessons every other Thursday. Listening to their chatter about school, friends, and growing up put a smile in  my heart. My student who comes after work every week is smart, funny, and compassionate, and an all-round great gal. Did I mention she is trying to make all of her clothes? Literally, everything she wears. So to these three, and others, thank you. You helped get me back on track and to achieve a bit more equilibrium.

Over the weekend I was able to find some time and mental energy to actually sew. I traced the Santa Monica T by Textile Studios, and even managed to cut one out of a soft sweater knit – white with navy stripes. I cleaned out and “stacked” projects/fabrics/patterns into piles-that-make-sense-only-to-me. I also cut out and stitched up a pair of Claudia pants by Style Arc, and boy-oh-boy are those lovely pants. I do miss the lack of pockets, but I think they would interfere with the clean lines of the pant. We’ll see if they make me cranky-pants.

This coming week? I’m headed to Spokane for a swearing ceremony. No, no, a swearing-in ceremony. Law-school-graduate/bar-exam-passer will be taking the attorney oath and signing some important stuff, and I think I should head east and shed a few tears of motherly pride. This is the kid I thought wouldn’t graduate from high school, after all. And then I will drive back for my 4-day ASG sewing retreat, where friends, fabric, and NO COOKING OR CLEANING will definitely put all things right with the world.

Happy sewing!


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  1. Sounds like you had one testing week! Sending positive energy to you as I write!
    I’m curious about your student who is making all her own clothes…it’s also my goal too. Has she/you found any resources to guide her on this path? I’ve found loads of books about compiling your own wardrobe buying clothes, but zero about making clothes that build up a working wardrobe. It’s particularly hard to work out what items to focus on and how to mix different fabrics together. Has she conquered lingerie yet? My goal was made possible by attending a bra and knicker making course while I was still in UK ( one day for each item) Bras aren’t that easy especially if you’re a larger size.

    • Thanks Karen – this week is better all ready! Yes, my student is an ambitious gal. I think what you are asking about is “sewing with a plan” – coordinating outfits to maximize the wear you can get out of them. She is not really doing that at the moment – more focused on learning to sew a variety of kinds of garments and using up fabric she has already purchased. No lingerie yet – tho it is on her list. Jan Bones is another good source forlingerie. I personally have zero interest in making bras!

  2. Aw, sorry to hear of all the less than fabulous news. I know about ‘busts’, as I had the whole month of September just like that. I hope that things are better now. I hope the health issue, especially is well on the way to healthy now.

  3. Aww Catje – you warm my heart. Many things are better, and I think the health issue will be – but a big surgery is scheduled for her for mid-October. I hope your health is back on track to, darling!

  4. Hi Maris, I’m sorry to hear that last week was a bust. I hope this week has already taken a turn for the better! I recently moved to the Seattle area, and I was curious about the four-day ASG sewing retreat you mentioned above. Is it local?

    • It is, thanks Amy!! The sewing retreat is sponsored by the ASG chapter I belong to – http:/ – and it is this weekend (October 3-6). It is open only to ASG members, and we would love to have you join us! You can look at the national website to get the membership details – There will be another retreat in the spring at Dumas Bay Retreat Center in Federal Way. Be sure to check out the “Events” tab on the Seattle ASG website so you can see where the closest/most appealing neighborhood groups are relative to where you live and kind of sewing you are interested in. Welcome to Seattle!!

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