Jumper and jacket for fall

There is nothing like a huge thunderstorm to make you want to run to the sewing room and hunker down. You don’t even have the excuse the yard work needs to get done, so sew guilt-free.

McCalls 5836 and Sew Cute Couture

Oona’s jacket and jumper are done, and ready for some prime-time wearing. She is chasing some of her old friends around McCarren Park in Williamsburg for a few days, so the fit-check will have to wait for her return. I am pretty darn happy the way this outfit turned out, and hopefully she will agree to wearing it. She is going thru a “dresses only please” phase, so I plan to take advantage of that!

Sleeve lining detail corduroy jacket          Hanger loop on corduroy jacket

I decided to line the sleeves with a poly fabric I had in my stash, since my favorite DGD is very likely to squaw loudly if her t-shirt hangs up on the jacket sleeve when trying to get it on. And I remembered at the last minute that she hangs her coat up at daycare, so I added a loop for hanging ease. She’ll never lift the collar to see the bar tacks on the back, will she? 😉

Corduroy jacket back detail

I LOVE the pleat in the back of this little swing jacket! I think it gives it a bit of a vintage vibe, don’t you?

Jacket binding front on round corner           Back binding closeup

The binding on this jacket went on super easily. I made it from the leftover lining fabric, and used my Clover binding-maker tool to create 1″ wide binding. After stitching it on and pressing on the front side just 1/2″ shows. It is always looks a little wonky when you apply binding around a rounded corner after finishing up just the stitching and pressing steps. But you can see that when you roll the binding to the backside everything smoothes out and lays perfectly. The magic of bias, right?

McCalls 5836 jumper front

OMG, doesn’t this jumper just scream “wear ME on the first day of school!”? I should probably go buy Oona some knee socks and saddle shoes to wear with it, right? The pattern I used is McCalls 5836, OOP, but still seems to be available on the Web site. There are so few patterns for little girls with PLEATS. I sense a business opportunity here.

McCalls 5836 jumper front detail

See that little bit of bodice lining peaking out? Adorbs. And color me totally shocked when I actually found cute buttons that exactly match the dress & jacket, came in 2 sizes, AND cost only a few bucks! Normally I end up buying uber-expensive-but-ohh-so-perfect-ones that cost a small fortune EACH. I am actually feeling like this whole outfit is practically free because I bought the corduroy in France so long ago I have no idea what it cost. If it ages in my stash for ANY length of time it auto-magically becomes free fabric.

What fun things are you stitching up in your sewing room? Is the weather conducive to your sewing bug, or is it calling you outdoors? I am taking off later this week for the Sewing Summit in Salt Lake City, so a few more days of warm weather are still in my future.

Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen




6 Responses to Jumper and jacket for fall

  1. The jumper and jacket are so very cute! And expensive looking! Good job!

    You are right, once fabric is old enough, it feels like you have made something that costs nothing. My stash goes back 20-50 years and I am enjoying using it now that I’ve returned to sewing after a 20 year hiatus. I wish I had more as the quality is superior to what I now see in the few fabric stores still around. Online shopping is not as satisfying as I can’t feel the fabric nor see it draped. Sigh!

    I can’t wait for grandchildren so I can use patterns stored high on a closet shelf. I couldn’t bear to throw them away and am glad I didn’t!

    • Thank you Kay! I love it when outfits turn out cute AND come together easily. Feels like a double bonus! Especially since kids grow so fast they often don’t get many wearings. Hopefully grandkids are in your future soon, because they are the best ever! Have fun sewing this week!

  2. Cute and very chic outfit! I know your DGD, like all the other grands of certain ages, probably doesn’t appreciate it, but everyone else does/will. (My 4-y-o DGD just suffers and turns inside out for even a tiny 2-minute fitting. She also has vetoed a darling navy print I bought for her because Everything Must Be Pink. Boy, will she be surprised with her new navy outfit!)
    I hope you’ll tell us about the Sewing Summit when you return.

    • Hahahaha, Anne! They are so funny at this age, right? Definitely funnier since we don’t live with them 24/7! Someday your grand is going to be telling someone about how she loved ALL the clothes her wonderful G’ma made for her growing up. Likely she will enjoy her navy outfit after it has some aging time in the closet. Or maybe pink socks to go with it will help.

      Thanks for the nice words about Oona’s outfit. She has yet to pass judgment! I know her mommy likes it so that counts too. Happy sewing!

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