Throw down the resolution gauntlet for 2014

Do you make sewing resolutions? It seems like just one more thing to keep track of, and in my case, feel bad about because I can never even find my list live up to them. And right now I am particularly not in the mood for a bunch of lofty goals.


But one thing that has really intrigued me this year is the crazy sewing bloggers who have photographic evidence of their sewn creations from 2013. Really! How in the Sam hell do people keep track of every flippin’ item they sew for an entire friggin’ year?!?!? I bet you guys are making half of it up. I can barely remember what I sewed yesterday, never mind a year ago. I don’t blog about everything I make, so my posts are not a complete record. If you have ever seen my sewing desk you know any project list started in January would be long-buried by March. Seriously, how do YOU do it? Spreadsheet? Journal? Sticky notes? Inquiring minds want to know!

Happy sewing in 2014!




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