Toddler leggings are fast and easy

Blue and black leggings for a toddler

It seems my darling granddaughter is low on leggings that fit, so you can bet I jumped on that task immediately! Thank you, Oliver and S for the cute Playtime Tunic & Leggings pattern.

The best part about leggings for little ones is you can make them out of remnants from other garments. Yep, that’s exactly what these leggings are made from – remnants. I am pretty sure that qualifies as stash-busting, right?

One pair of very plain, and very versatile, black leggings. One pair of hootchy, black lace leggings. NOT! Think of them as tights to be worn under dresses. Oh, wait. Oona isn’t wearing dresses these days. Well, maybe these tights will spur her to don a dress. Or not. And finally a pair of blue leggings with striped blue bows on the back. Someday there will be a Oliver & S Playtime tunic made out of the same blue striped fabric that can be worn with these leggings. Hopefully this tunic will magically appear before DGD falls down and rips a big hole in the knee of said leggings.

serger elastic casing

I didn’t pay any attention to the instructions. These are leggings for gawd’s sake – one pattern piece. Serge the inside leg seams, the crotch seam, apply elastic with the serger using the 3-thread overlock stitch, and finally coverstitch the elastic waist¬†and those teeny little leg openings. DONE! People who think sergers are optional really must be living on another planet, IMHO. Could.Not.Sew.Without.A.Serger.

I know, I know. You want to see a picture of DGD in these leggings. Have you ever tried to take a picture of a 2 year-old whose favorite word is “NO!”? Wish me luck, but don’t hold your breath.

Happy sewing!



2 Responses to Toddler leggings are fast and easy

  1. I have tried to photograph a two year old and “no” was said often. I didn’t get any good ones for my blog post on a tulle skirt that I sewed. This pattern looks perfect for what she wears most. You made it sound easy and even fun. I may have to pick it up.

  2. Do it, Jennifer! If you have a serger it is a snap. An hour or so. I will let you know how the “Playtime” tunic goes. I love to sew for kids, but projects for little ones need to be fast and easy. Otherwise they can grow right out of it before you get it off the sewing machine!

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