Decisions, decisions! What’s a girl to do?

Seriously readers, I need help. I have this stack of knits in my stash, and some of them are just NOT telling me what they want to become when they grow up. Does that ever happen to you? You buy a fabric that speaks to you in the store, but at home it gets a little feisty and doesn’t want to play nice!

Knit fabrics by Sew Maris

I guess you can tell my color palette at least. Look at me going all crazy with that touch o’teal one! 😉

Knit fabrics by Sew Maris

This big chunky sweatery-textured-not-too-stretchy knit is really stumping me. I thought when I ordered it I would make Pamela’s Patterns Banded Front Cardigan, but I think it might be too thick for that. It doesn’t drape much at all, so too much fullness is out. Maybe I should switch to one of these 2 coat style patterns if I have enough fabric? Other ideas?

Knit fabrics by SewMaris

I love this print, and love the colors. Not sure if it has enough drape for a pretty cowl….maybe a simple Christine Jonson Basewear Two T-shirt would be better for this one? And yes, I do already own the CJ pattern, but didn’t pluck it out for consideration since I was trying to step outside my plain, TNT T-shirt rut. I think the fabric is a either cotton + lycra or a combo rayon+cotton+lycra. A little beefier than most straight rayon knits.

Knit fabrics by Sew Maris

Despite my earlier comment, I was originally thinking a plain round-neck T for this silky ITY knit…..but am reconsidering. Maybe the McCalls 6963 shown on the grey graphic knit above is calling this guy’s name instead. Hey, chatting with y’all is helping! 😉

Knit fabrics by Sew Maris

Sparkly, metallic-y sweater knit. Pretty sure this needs to be a drapey cardigan. Oh look! I just happen to own Pamela’s Patterns Draped Front Cardigan pattern. Maybe I should use it yet again, eh?!? I think I have 2 (possibly 3) of these sweaters in my closet right now. LOVE this pattern.

Knit fabric by Sew Maris

Am I in a cowl neck rut now? I do own the Style Arc Issy top, as well as the Tootsie….but haven’t tried either of them yet. Both are pretty popular on PR,and since I am a Style Arc addict they would be kind of a no-brainer.

Are you “stuck” trying to decide what pattern to use on for one (or more!) of your projects? Please tell me I am not the only one who buys fabric with a specific plan in mind, only to forget or change my mind!

Happy sewing!


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  1. I’d turn that heavy weight first knit into a Lola dress. It works great with stiffer knits. I just saw Shwin and Shwin have a neat Carol Tee and Beautiful Dreamer Cardigan that may spark inspiration. Lovely stuff. Hope you figure something out!

  2. Yes, I have a massive stash because my fabric-buying mind works faster than my sewing hands! Fabric I’ve bought often ends up as something completely different from what I’ve planned. Now I only buy fabric if it’s fabulous, not a pain to sew, and wearable. Then at the very least, it’s inspiring.

  3. What a lovely problem you have, Maris! I made that McCalls 6963 last week in a tencel knit and it draped beautifully. Let me caution you, though, that most reviewers say the A and B view front is a very low drape. I went with View D and it is perfect…at least I think so. I also found it a little closer cut in the body than I expected, but maybe that’s holiday weight gain talking 🙂

  4. Whoa, that chunky sweater knit! Swoon! I’ve had my eye on the Style Arc coat pattern for ages… it just looks so cool! I can’t justify purchasing it as I’m making too many damn coats right now but it’s just so good!

    • Awesome stuff, right? And of course, Style Arc rocks another coat. Our we could just say, another pattern. 😉 Justification? Over-rated! Who needs it! Happy sewing, Ginger!!

  5. Unfortunately, I probably spend more time procrastinating about fabrics and patterns then actual sewing time! And after spending that much time and energy, if the finished garment doesn’t bring the result I was hoping for, I beat myself up for it. My intention this year is to be brave, experiment, build more experiences, and most of all go with the gut feeling. I find that the more time I spend procrastinating, the more mistakes I make! Maddening. Anyway, I love all your fabric choices. I look forward to seeing your finished garments!

    • Micki – I LOVE your comment about “build more experiences” – that’s what the sewing process is all about! We all need to step away from beating ourselves up, and just go for it! As I tell my students, it’s only a little bit of fabric and time. Who cares if it doesn’t work out perfectly?

      Thank you for your wonderful words!!!

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