T-shirt mania

Evidently garments that are worn on the top half of a body are produced in multiples around here. Four. That’s how many tee-shirts I finished up this weekend. I know, two of them were started last fall. But two of them were started and completed in the past several days.

Knit T-shirts by Sew Maris

I fell in love with this fabric on a buying trip to Billie’s Designer Fabrics in Chehalis last fall with my two fabriholic sewing pals. My colors, my fiber (cotton knit with maybe some lycra), and my kind of print (graphic and modern).

Tee shirt Knits  by SewMaris

I used Pamela’s Patterns Perfect Tee, with 3/4 sleeves and then widened and lowered the round neckline slightly. I trimmed the neck and sleeve edges with FOE stretch velvet trim, and am really happy with the result. Belt or sans belt I think this T will come into wearing rotation frequently with jeans, black pencil skirts, black slacks, and probably other things in my wardrobe I’m not thinking about right now.

Knit t-shirts by Sew Maris

You shouldn’t have your DD take photos for you; too much giggling occurs! 🙂 This is another great purchase from Billie’s; a lovely, drapey ITY knit in black, teal, royal blue, and white. Hmmm, drapey fabrics work for cowl necklines, right?

Knit t-shirt by Sew MAris

I used McCalls 6963, with a few modifications. I adjusted the neckline so it was midway between the “hi” and “low” version on the pattern, and also cut a size larger than my normal McCalls pattern size. So sort of View C with an adjusted neckline and 3/4 sleeves. Loads of folks who have made this previously found it a little snug, and a little low, so I was giving myself some extra insurance. I also did my standard forward shoulder and above-the-waist-petite-ing adjustments because, well, because they are needed. I know, I know; you think these lo-o-o-o-n-n-ng legs are crazy cool, but a bit more body length would be nice, people. Really.

T shirts by Sew Maris

Santa Monica Tee  by Textile Studios with short sleeves. I think the only modification I regularly make to this is to lengthen by a couple of inches. I bought this fabric at my local Pacific Fabrics last summer or early fall, and seriously wish I had more of it. LOVE this print.

Tee shirt knits b y Sew Maris

It’s scary back there!

Tee shirts by Sew Maris

Love the pop of red against the grey and black!

Tee shirts by Sew Maris

Last one! I promise! Another Pamela’s Patterns Perfect Tee, this time with 3/4 sleeves and the standard round neckline. I tried to jazz up the stripe a little by cutting the sleeves cross-grain and binding the neckline and sleeves with bias strips. I have no idea where I bought this fabric, but it is super soft and cozy. You know that means it will probably pill and not last very long, but it is still pretty cute. I even made a half-hearted attempt to match the stripes on the side seams; successful enough for the 3-foot rule!

Tee shirts by Sew Maris


Glad to have some fresh tees in my closet, they are such a staple you can hardly have too many. Do you have a favorite tee pattern? How do you like to mix ’em up to keep them interesting?

Happy sewing!



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  1. Nice collection of comfy shirts, Maris. Thanks for the info on the Santa Monica Tee. I’ve never heard of it. All my raglan patterns are awfully roomy but this one looks great for moving beyond the baseball shirt look.

    It’s so nice to have new shirts to jazz up the wardrobe in the dead of winter.

  2. Love the T-shirts, especially the striped one. And the jacket???? Love the jacket shown with the striped T. Did you make it? If so are you willing to share details?

        • Of course! (I was just too lazy to go look for it when I was responding. 😉 ) It is Vogue 8430 – no longer available even in OOP patterns – but if you don’t have it probably on ebay or etsy. BTW – I modified this pattern so the jacket would stay on my shoulders – three “sunburst” style darts from the neckline out onto the shoulders/back. I have very broad shoulders – it is just the design of the jacket – doesn’t want to stay put. Have fun sewing!

          • I do have that pattern and have made the jacket and love it. It’s one of my favourites. I wear it a lot.
            It’s in grey boiled wool. The boiled wool is very lightweight so I doubled the collar and did rows of top stitching to give it a bit of body. Also at the cuffs.
            I always wear it closed. Now I will look at it with fresh eyes after having seen yours.
            Thanks for searching out the pattern. I really appreciate it.

  3. So cute! I especially love the print on that first one. I need to make some new tees, too (if these boys ever start napping at the same time!). I’ll have to check out those t-shirt patterns. Miss you!

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