Kwik-Sew 3504 Jeans for Men

My husband buys the most gawd-awful-looking jeans possible, so I am on a mission to upgrade his denim attire. These are not a very significant upgrade, but they are my first attempt, and turned out mighty wearable.

Kwik-Sew 3504 by Sew Maris

I used some denim I had kicking around here for probably 20 years. Seriously. At least that long. Felt great to get that piece out of my stash!

I cut a straight size medium for him, and after basting together the sides he wanted a bit more room in the seat. Easy enough to reduce the seam allowance slightly for this pair, and I will adjust the pattern pieces for future versions. He also wanted a bit more room in the rise, so for the next pair lengthening the front and back a bit will solve that problem. Don’t you hate how few adjustments men need to get a decent fit?

Kwik-Sew 3504 by Sew Maris

Check out the those rivets! Used my crazy new Micron TEP-3 Press for those babies. We’ll see how they hold up over time….a little worried the fabric was a bit thick for the rivet post. Notice how the coin pocket is on the left front? Yep, my guy is left-handed so this is more comfortable for him.

Kwik-Sew 3504 by Sew Maris

Gotta have a cute butt shot. 😉

I get it. These are not styling jeans. But they will suffice for a sturdy pair of work jeans, and now I am ready to crank out a few pairs of nice looking, dark wash jeans complete with contrast stitching and a perfected fit. Maybe I will be able to get some outdoor shots in decent light and he may even let me include his cute face. Ever hopeful!

Have you ever made pants or jeans for a man? Do you like sewing for men? A dress topcoat and dress slacks are also on my list to make for my DH this year.

Happy sewing!





12 Responses to Kwik-Sew 3504 Jeans for Men

  1. So impressed with your sewing for your man! I have to say I’m a “selfish sewer” and typically only sew for me. DH suggested I might make him a pair of pants. I told him it “would bring me no joy!” I think I’m doing good if I can sew on buttons on a shirt for him!

    • Hahaha Lynn!I like to sew shirts for Mark, and jeans are so easy to make it is kind of fun. If my DH would spend a bit of time shopping and buying decent clothes for himself I might not be so motivated to sew for him. 😉

  2. I’ve made everything for my husband from undershorts to tuxedo. He used to joke that he was a charter member of the “Suit of the Month” club. The only 2 things I can think of that I missed was t-shirts and Jeans. Great job, Maris!

  3. These look great! It really is crazy how much easier it is to get a good fit on a fella. My husband has requested a pair of jeans and a pair of pinstriped trousers (!)… neither of which I particularly want to sew, but I probably should. Ick!

    • Awww, Ginger, I think we should (at least mostly!) sew what we are excited about. I like making jeans, and figured it was no harder to make them for my DH, and arguably they are a little faster/easier. Well, maybe that was because I did not put any fancy contrast topstitching on the mow-the-lawn-jeans! 😉 Have fun sewing!

  4. Maris, those look great! I think I’ll have to give that pattern a try. Isn’t your hubs lucky to have his own custom pocket? My own has been fluxing on his weight lately, and being able to make him new jeans vs. dropping $50 every time he needs a new pair…well, none of us are made out of money right? Those will probably make good jean shorts too – we live in South Texas so mine wears shorts more than full jeans most of the year. I just will have to top stitch the pockets to look like Wranglers (he won’t wear anything else). I’ll also have to use a little sand paper on the cuffs so they look store bought.

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