Another “Cool Cardigan” and Versatile Tank

I think Pamela’s Patterns “Cool Cardigans”—Draped Front just might be my new favorite drapey cardigan sweater. Maybe you remember I used this same pattern recently to make a little cheetah print sweater, and here it is again in a wonderful black and grey coffee bean knit from EmmaOneSock.

Black Coffee Bean Knit Cardigan + tank top by Sew Maris

This fabric is purrrrr-fect for me in every way. It is:

  1. an easy care knit
  2. a wardrobe neutral in my basic color—black (+ grey)
  3. a great match for my hair color! 😉
  4. a perfect print design for theSeattle  coffee-holic that I am!

Black Coffee Bean Knit Cardigan + tank top by Sew Maris

Since I had already altered this pattern to fit exactly the way I like, I did not make any adjustments to the body of the cardigan. However, the “3/4” sleeve length as indicated on the pattern is too short for my gorilla-long arms, and that “sewing fail” resulted in my tutorial on adding a vented sleeve band. It worked out for the best, though, as I love the extra detail of the sleeve band on this sweater.

Black Coffee Bean Knit Cardigan + tank top by Sew Maris

The tank pattern I used for this combo is also from Pamela’s Patterns—part of New Versatile Twinset. Nice! I am both “Cool” and “Versatile” when I wear these two items together.

Black Coffee Bean Knit Cardigan + tank top by Sew Maris

Oh, I am “magical” too, right? You might recognize this Magic Pencil Skirt from the an earlier blog post. The beefy ponte knit fabric is such a dream to wear and totally easy care.

I am in a mood to sew multiples using the same pattern. You are going to see more of these, for sure!

Happy sewing!



15 Responses to Another “Cool Cardigan” and Versatile Tank

  1. Love! Absolutely perfect. This is why I want to sew clothes. You can’t find what you want on the rack, in your size, that fits properly and/or in the color you need. BUT YOU CAN MAKE THEM YOURSELF!!! Nice one, Maris!

  2. Well, that’s about as perfect as you can get! I have looked at Pamela’s Patterns but have never bought one. Clearly, I will need to rethink that strategy!

    • Thank you so much Jean! I think the photos on her patterns are not that enticing, but I do find the patterns to be well-drafted, easy to construct, and great opportunities for variations/customizing the look. Since they are designed for some of the common figure problems of “women of a certain age” (hehe), I find they fit very well too. Good luck!

  3. Wow! Your creations look really sharp and elegant! I really like how you incorporated your previous posts into this one, as it will increase the page views per visit and intrigue your audience’s interests in your blog. I will have to try this pattern as I am a big cardigan wearer. Thanks!

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