Summertime Magic Pencil + Santa Monica

I am really in the mood to sew easy garments for our short Seattle summers. If you expect to get any wear from your summer clothes they need to be done and ready for action early—early!

Santa Monica tee + Pamela's Patterns Magic Pencil skirt by Sew Maris

I think I might have just figured out my “go-to” summertime outfit!

What do you think about my slightly hacked version of the Santa Monica Tee by Textile Studio Patterns? I have used this pattern before, and as drafted it has a straight hem. Recently the amazing KnitnBee at Handmade by Heather hacked out a boxy Madewell tee knockoff from a Lady Skater pattern. I know, I know, I did not make a boxy tee like Heather, but her post just reminded me to make a design change on my existing patterns now and again. Mix it up! It turned out kinda cute, huh? The fabric is a black and white (what else?) cotton + lycra print from, ummm, somewhere. Maybe someplace in the NYC Garment District? Anyway, all this top needed was a little serge, serge + turn down and coverstitch the hems. BAM!

Santa Monica tee + Pamela's Patterns Magic Pencil skirt by Sew Maris

Is that a slug on my shoe? Aaack! Springtime in Seattle,folks.

Santa Monica tee + Pamela's Patterns Magic Pencil skirt by Sew Maris

OK, now let’s talk about my favorite new skirt pattern—the Magic Pencil Skirt from Pamela’s Patterns. No zipper. No waistband. Just a nice slim fit and pretty shaping. This version is out of a beefy black double-knit, and it stitched up super fast and fits like a dream. The only alteration I had to make was lengthen the skirt 1 1/2 inches (could have used another inch) and nibble it in a bit on the side seams. Pamela offers 2 waistband choices: a high-waist and an “at-the-waistline” option. Since I am a short-lil’-waisted gal, I definitely choose the “at-the-waistline” option. Four darts, 2 side seams, a sewn-on elastic waistband, + a machine-stitched blind-hem later and my new bestie was ready for prime time.

Santa Monica tee + Pamela's Patterns Magic Pencil skirt by Sew Maris

I actually made 4 Magic Pencil skirts the other day, so you are going to see more of them when I get a few new tops made to go with. I was reminded again what a great idea it is to make multiples of a single pattern, varying the fabric + trims + simple design lines to create unique looks.

Happy sewing!


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  1. Agree that skirt pattern is wonderful. I have made it three times and have plans for more, including a wear-everywhere black one like yours. And ack to the slug! We get them in Kansas too and it’s not nearly as moist as Seattle.

    • I made 2 black ones from different fabric, and 2 cotton/lycra print ones. Love them all. Did you line yours? Pamela suggested using antron tricot like she does for her slips. She orders from Fabric Depot, so I am going to order some and give it a try.

      • My first one is made from a stretch cotton with not quite enough stretch. I have to do a bit of a wiggle to get it on but it’s comfortable enough for all day wear. It’s not lined so I wear a slip. The second is a light ponte that I underlined with a tricot knit. The third has a cheater lining. I attached a rtw half slip at the waistband before sewing in the elastic. It hangs loose from the skirt and works really well. I’ve never ordered from Fabric Depot but I’ll trust Pamela on the quality of their goods.

        • I did not line any of mine. The beefy ponte doesn’t need it, and the other black fabric is probably heavy enough not to require it but I think it will be more comfortable lined or wearing a slip. The 2 half-slips I own are a little too full + long for the pencils skirts, so I am going to order some tricot and make a black and a white slip just for these pencil skirts. Of course I was in too much of a hurry to wait for lining, but I forsee more of these skirts in my future. Happy sewing, Barbara!

          • I like wearing a full slip in winter but they are too hot in the summer so a half slip or a lining it must be. Will you drum line your skirts or attach it at the side seams?

  2. I have never heard the expression “drum line”! So for my existing skirts I will have to drum line, but for yet-to-be-made ones I will try underlining (attaching at side seams).

  3. You look so cool and comfortable in your top and skirt – I love them! I had never head of Textile Studio Patterns but I sure am liking your top 🙂

  4. Looks good! I have a Magic Pencil skirt on the cutting table now. I’m taking a class from Pamela later in June, can’t wait. She is really a fabulous teacher.

  5. I made that skirt a few weeks ago but am just now wearing it for the first time today and I love it. I made mine using hi-tech stretch crepe ‘matte
    hybrid’ in navy from Emma One Sock. There are definitely a few more of these in my future.

    • Thanks Annette! Give them a try – I really like them. I am always wary of “easy” because it can so often = poor design. But that is not my experience with Pamela’s Patterns.

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