A Cool Cardigan Sweater

Who doesn’t love a great cardigan sweater? Since my work no longer requires professional business attire, I wear a skirt or pants + a woven or knit top + a cardigan sweater most days. And since my business is all sewing all the time, I try to wear mostly me-made clothes. Because those kids ask me every day if I made what I am wearing! 😉

Pamela's Patterns Cool Cardigan Drape Front sewn by Sew Maris
Check out this stinkin’ cute Cool Cardigan – Draped Front by Pamela’s Patterns. The fabric I used was a tissue-thin sweater knit in a quiet little cheetah print. Nothing over the top for me! Since I have not been so successful with mesh and other featherweight knits in the past, I was very hesitantscared to death to sew it up despite loving the print.

Pamela's Patterns Cool Cardigan Drape Front sewn by Sew Maris

By George, I think I’ve got it now. A better fitting pattern, a little less volume in the completed garment, a few construction tips from Pamela Leggett, and my sweater happiness quotient is up, up, way up!

Pamela's Patterns Cool Cardigan Drape Front sewn by Sew Maris
I completed most of this sweater last weekend during the Seattle ASG Spring Educational event with Pamela Leggett. Surprisingly, the fabric really did not torture me too much. I wouldn’t say it was exactly easy, but it was manageable. Increasing the differential feed on my serged seams to 1.5 helped, and maybe the fabric was just afraid to act out in front of Pamela. It must have been smart enough to realize the big guns were on deck last Sunday. 😉

Pamela's Patterns Cool Cardigan Drape Front sewn by Sew Maris
After wearing my new sweater for a bit, I decided to ruche the sleeves up so they are more of a 3/4 length. Long sleeves bug the heck out of me, so I don’t know why I even cut the long-sleeve version of this pattern. Besides, the ruched sleeves and the ruching at the back neckline on this sweater make me feel all girly and feminine when I wear it.

I would give Cool Cardigan – Draped Front an A. Give this easy pattern a try and let me know what you think, I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Sewing!


19 Responses to A Cool Cardigan Sweater

    • I agree Susie. Pamela really designs her patterns for figures of “women of a certain age”, as she likes to say. 😉 I think this styling looks great on women who have a little extra in the front tummy, and yet still is flattering for those who don’t have THAT particular figure issue. Cuz we all have something, right? 😉

  1. You look amazing, Maris! This sweater is very flattering on you, and obviously, the cheetah print makes you smile!

    • Hi Stephanie! I hope you do try Pamela’s Patterns – I think they are great. They are definitely designed for a more mature figure, so you may need to take in a bit to get the fit you want, but the design lines are flattering for all ages. IMHO, anyway!

    • Thank you Inge!! You are too kind. I have LOADS of sewing fails under my belt, and still make plenty o’ mistakes. Always learning, darling, always learning!

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