Life in the way

Grrr. Life is getting in the way of completed sewing projects. I hate when that happens! My two black wool crepe skirts are still unfinished, no progress on my new knit dress, no progress of DD #1’s stack of alterations….the list could go on. And this weekend brings a quick trip north to visit DD #2 in Bellingham, 2 student lessons, and a group class at Pacific Fabrics. Yes indeedy, the odds are stacked against me right now. Dang it.  Let me know what you are working on so I can live vicariously at least!

Have a great weekend, and may you make more sewing progress than I!

Maris Olsen

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  1. How’s this for exciting: I’m making a camo bag for my son’s airgun. A simple tube sack was not good enough, he insists on a custom fitted zip top bag. Oh, with a pocket outside for the ammo clip. “You can do it Mom”.

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