WANTED: sewing fairy

Sometimes I wish I had a sewing fairy. One who would pick up all the threads I drop on the floor. And I wouldn’t mind if she cut out all my patterns and did all the “marking” for me, too. Maybe I could persuade her to put all my tools away after I am finished with them. You know, so I could find them quickly and easily tomorrow. She could do the pressing for me, too. (Notice I say “she”, because I would really prefer a girl sewing fairy. A boy fairy would get all bossy, and I get plenty of that already!)

 I would spend all my time shopping for fabric, designing new garments, and sewing! Actually sitting at my sewing machine, feeling the cloth between my fingers, and watching the garment take shape.

What would your sewing fairy do for you? (And when you find one, please give her my name and number!!)

Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen

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