Painters tape – a sewing notion?


Sometimes the most unlikely things in your household can become useful sewing notions.  Painters tape, for example! I am constantly stealing rolls from my husband’s stash in the garage to use in my sewing room. Some of the  ways I use it include:

  1. Marking the wrong (or right!) side of your fabric. Either way is fine, as long as you are consistent!
  2. Marking a stitching line on your sewing machine. This is very helpful when are you stitching a non-standard distance (like an inch or two), or you are a new sewist and need a longer line to help keep your stitching straight.
  3. Pattern tissue adjustments. I prefer using painters tape to Scotch tape because it is much easier to re-position. And I hardly ever get it in the correct spot the first time!
  4. “Grabbing” loose threads from unpicked stitches. Depending on the fabric, this doesn’t always work too well, but it is worth a try!

Any other ways that you use this handy “notion”?



Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen

3 Responses to Painters tape – a sewing notion?

  1. Ahh, yes. The usefulness of hardware store items in the sewing room! I usually have a roll of painters tape nearby too. =)

    I learned from a coworker that Scotch makes some low tack removable tape that’s great for patterning. He uses it until he knows a pattern is corrected, and then he uses Scotch permanent tape for the final position.

    • I know, right? Good call on the low-tack tape too – that is better than using painter’s tape on tissue. Big washers from teh hardware store also make good pattern weights – and WAY cheaper than the ones you buy in the fabric store. Happy sewing!!

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