Ten reasons why I sew

I love lists. I like to make ’em, and I like to read ’em too. So I made a list of some really good reasons why I love sewing. It probably doesn’t capture everything I feel on every day, but it’s a good start:  

  1. I create actual “things”. Sometimes they are useful. Sometimes they are pur-tay. Sometimes both!
  2. I get to operate really cool power tools.
  3. Petting is involved. Actually even encouraged. (Hint: head into your LFS and touch, fondle, and pet any and all bolts of fabrics. Twice.)
  4. My wardrobe is uniquely mine. I never arrive at an event wearing the same dress as anyone else.
  5. I love saying “I made it myself!”. I possibly love hearing “My wife made this shirt” even a little more! 😉
  6. I get to play with color. And texture. Pattern and design lines, too. It’s called “making art”.
  7. I use my whole brain. I do math, draw pattern and design lines, test out color combinations, solve construction problems, adjust fit, and lots more on most garments. 
  8. I learn new stuff – really often. Maybe not on every garment, but almost!
  9. I get to go on sewing retreats with other sewing nerds. We drink wine together too! 🙂
  10. Sometimes I get to make important garments for people I love. Like christening gowns, or wedding dresses, or prom dresses. And then the memory of that special celebration is even richer. 

What about you? What would your list look like?

Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen

4 Responses to Ten reasons why I sew

  1. I tell my husband that sewing is much less expensive than therapy! Seriously, I sew because I think in all of us is a need to create or make something. So far, the only thing I’ve made that I’m not embarrassed to show others are bags, but I’m working on improving my clothing construction skills (with the help of some incredibly talented and kind ladies)!

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