Great fall from Vogue

After the very disappointing designs from McCalls, I am thrilled with the fresh, interesting patterns from Vogue for this fall. I have included a few of my favorites below, but be sure to visit your local fabric store to see the entire catalogue, or browse online in the New Collection Preview. I could have shown you lots more that I like, but I wanted to save a few surprises for you when you browse the full collection yourself. Enjoy!

I might not be the correct age range for this one, but definitely love, love, love!



Ohhh, I gotta make this one. I LOVE the collar and the wide bateau neckline.  Sooooo flattering!


 It is not very visible in this print fabric, but the lines on this dress are gorgeous. And love the sleeve zips!


Ultra wearable. Depending on the fabric this could go from office to evening in a blink.


I know I should be over ruffles by now, but what a pretty, feminine blouse.


Wow – even a new man’s shirt!


5 Responses to Great fall from Vogue

  1. I agree — much more exciting than some other lines. I love the shirring on the maroon dress. I’m still figuring out whether this would flatter a slightly thick middle or make it stand out. Perhaps if the chosen fabric were matte finish…

    • Thanks Kris. Pretty sure the shirred one will not be for a “past middle age” figure – but on the right body I think it is killer. Have a great day! Maris

  2. Wow, I could so see you in that second dress, Maris! It’s you. And I love love love the first one.

    Don’t love their fabric choices for some of them…espcially for that grey dress with the blue print.

    Glad you found some good things to make…

  3. I agree with – but I always look at the technical drawings so I understand the design lines. I can make any fabric choice I want, but the design lines are what is interesting to me.

    Should be a fun fall!

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