Quick Tip Tuesday: Fasttube

One of my all-time favorite tools are my Fasttube turners. Making spaghetti straps with these babies is almost NO WORK. I seriously wish that I had invented them, because I would be retired on the beach by now if I had been smart enough to design and manufacture this product. The one caveat is that both ends of the fabric tube must be open to use this tool, but trust me, it is WAY easier to tuck in one end of a tube and stitch it closed than turning it with any of the other products on the market. And don’t even talk to me about a safety pin. BAH! 😉

Fasttube turners

Happy sewing!


6 Responses to Quick Tip Tuesday: Fasttube

  1. You’re the 2nd person to mention these. I watched Ryliss of Sewing & Design school use them to make tubes for a dress with ~ 10 button loops. I was floored by how fast they whipped that tube inside out. Yeah, safety pins are a pain.

    Do you ever wish for them to be larger or smaller than the 6 sizes they offer?

  2. I love my tubes too, and discovered both ends of the fabric tube do not have to be open. I prefer to sew the fabric tube, leaving an opening in the long side. Insert the Fasturn in this opening and feed first one end in and turn, then repeat for the other end and turn. It is much easier to whip the opening in the long straight side closed than to neatly and smoothly hem the end of a tube. At least for me.

  3. Love your blog and these tubes they look great! Just the answer. Googling them I only came up with Amazon $51.00 (is this about right?) nothing in the UK but will keep looking.

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