Kapaia Stitchery: A celebration of colors

It’s a sickness. Every trip to a new land is another opportunity to search out and explore a new fabric store. Don’t judge; because I would bet big money you have experienced the same.  Pretty sure you too have left a spouse or offspring sweltering on the porch while you got cozy with a new textile emporium, am I right? Just take a look at the two abandoned guys on this veranda. Do they look like they are having the vacation of a lifetime on Kauai? Neither of them are my husband; but only because he was at home tending the dog.

Kapaia Stitchery on Kauai

Truthfully, this time I did not drop a big wad at Kapaia Stitchery. It is not because I have suddenly developed self-restraint; it has more to do with my inability to quilt. I have tried a few times. And I do get excited about the colors and designs. But the stumbling block for me is getting across the finish line. So many pieces of fabric, all of which need cutting. And then stitching up again. Yikes, just give me a garment any day.


Despite my inability to construct one myself, I fell in love with this quilt. Who doesn’t love turtles? And there are so many shades of blue and green in Hawaii that this quilt would be an awesome way to bring that island-feel into your life when the temps are below freezing or the incessant rain is driving you mad.


And look at these stinkin’ cute little Hawaiian shirts on a quilt! Complete with buttons!


In addition to fabric, Kapaia Stitchery also carries aloha-wear. I tried hard to find the perfect dress for my DGD, but no luck. I was pretty intrigued some of the cute bags they carried, and some of those almost jumped into my shopping cart.


I got so distracted by all the colors, quilts, and apparel in this store I only took one shot of a fabric aisle. Trust me – there are plenty more of these – but it is fitting I took a pix of some of the blues that are all around you in Hawaii.


Someone else overwhelmed by the possibilities in this store.


I would rather eat pineapples than have them on my bed. Just sayin’.


This store reminds me a little of my sewing studio. So.much.fabric. My favorite section was their collection of Japanese fabrics. Stunning. Too bad I was so enthralled I forgot to take a picture of that aisle. 🙁

Fabric purchased at Kapaia Stitchery

These 2 pieces were my only pitiful purchase from Kapai Stitchery. The adorable Japanese print is going to become a cute twirly dress for DGD, and I could not resist the gorgeous blues & greens in the batik print. Not sure what wants to become, but it makes me feel like I am looking at the ocean even when I am home in Seattle. I enjoyed my visit, Kauai, and I would encourage you to drop by Kapai Stitchery if you find yourself on this island. Mahalo!

Happy sewing!






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  1. Ha ha ha! The head forward and one back. A-typical sewing husbands.

    I think it’s always wise to stop in and find the local shops of any craft. I even make a point of stopping into chain stores when I’m out of town, because I found they carry different selections. For example, when I lived in Detroit and was working in Florida. Detroit stores had a few swim suits in February, but go to the same chain store in Florida and I had a huge selection in my size. Might seem like a, “well duh” to many, but to me it was an A-ha. Even if I didn’t buy anything, knowing what was there helped me make more informed decisions on things I wanted or needed to buy. Same goes for my sewing. If I find a decent shop out of town that has what I want, but it’s not available locally, I’m likely to contact them and order. So my hats off to you for stopping in. Besides, think of the unusual fabrics you may stumble upon?! I love the 2 you chose.

    Thank you for sharing that pinapple quilt photo. That’s divine!

    • Good points Gwen – it is totally true that merchandise in chains is not the same in all locations. And I especially like finding the small, locally-owned stores – often treasures! Happy fabric shopping!

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