Bionic Gear Bag V1

If you haven’t gotten on the Bionic Gear Bag crazy train, you might just be living under a sewing rock.

Winner of the “Best Sewing” Pattern Design Contest for 2014, this handy sewing accessory was designed by Ripstitcher, who goes by Sally Thompson in her non-sewing life.

Bionic Gear Bag by Sew Maris

Above is my first version of the BGB, and wow-eeeee do I love this bag. So.Darn.Useful. And I ask you, what good is a bag if it is not useful??? My plan is to use this when I travel to my many sewing retreats and “off-site” sewing adventures. Because we sewists love to travel with our gear, but sometimes it is a pain to collect everything we need. The Bionic Gear Bag solves this problem by providing a handy storage receptacle for duplicates of everything you need. Never unpack it, and your chances of arriving somewhere without an essential item are greatly reduced!

Bionic Gear Bag by Sew Maris

Partially packed up, you can see how much it will hold. I have plans to add even more supplies, specifically hand sewing needles and a thimble. And I will probably think of a few other goodies that need to live in this cutie-bag.

Bionic Gear Bag by Sew Maris

Pretty impressive, right? BTW, the prescription bottle is to hold discarded sharps. 😉

Bionic Gear Bag by Sew Maris

All zipped up, and yes, everything shown on the table in the image above really IS inside that little package. Crazy how much fits in it!

If you get as excited as I am about this bag, there are loads of fun resources to help you through the construction process. I won’t say it is hard; honestly, once the pieces are cut out and the interfacing is fused the hard work is over IMHO.

  1. Join the Facebook group, Sew Much Nicer Community. It is a closed group, so you do have to request to join, but just ask and ye shall receive.
  2. Check out MIchelle Wooten’s Bionic Gear Bag Sew-Along videos. Nice work, Michelle!
  3. Buy the Bionic Gear Bag pattern from

Be sure to post a picture of your completed bag! Share the BGB fun!

Happy sewing!





2 Responses to Bionic Gear Bag V1

  1. Hang on- this is a CRAZY and AWESOME design! I carry all my tools back and forth to my tailoring class in a zippy pouch, and dude, I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been stabbed by needles, pins, seam rippers, and snips while I’m rifling through it looking for a piece of chalk. I need this in my life! But Maris… I don’t sew bags! Am I going to have to break my no-bags ban?!

    • I am afraid you MUST, Ginger! I used to have a “no-bags” ban as well, but I have been getting into them lately. They have their fiddly issues, but not more than fitting a human body, right? 😉 I would say this design is a MUST HAVE.

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