Ready for a Ziggi sew-along?

You might know that I am currently slightly totally-over-the-top obsessed with Style Arc patterns. Can’t get enough of their great design details as well as awesome fit. My first venture into their patterns was the Claudia Stretch Woven Pant, and second was the Lorie Jacket (not yet finished because of zipper indecision).

Fabulous fully lined biker jacket with zip features

It’s time for the big leagues, sisters. That’s right, the Ziggi jacket! Lots of zippers, lots of details, lots of fun. So to help spread more Ziggi-ness around the universe, the super-awesome Stacy Sews and I are planning a Ziggi sew-along for you! If you have been toying with the idea of trying a Style Arc pattern, this would be a great time to jump in. We promise to give you loads of help along the way, so no more excuses. Just.Do.It.

Here’s the down-lo on our sew-along plan:

  • Currently scheduled to start in late February, which gives you a month to order your pattern and collect supplies.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to order your pattern. Shipping from Australia is snail-slow. Today is a good day to order.
  • Take your body measurements carefully before ordering; Style Arc does not provide multi-sizes. My experience is they run very true to measurements, but be sure to contact them if you have questions or concerns.
  • Thinking about purchasing or ordering your supplies early, too. To get the moto look, you will want to use all metal zips, specifically:
  •     1 x 20″ separating metal front zip
  •     2 x 6” metal zips for the sleeves
  •     2 x 6” metal zips for the pockets
  •     2 x 1/2″ studs for the lapels
  • If you have never sewn on leather or pleather, this may not be the best time to experiment. Pick wool, denim, linen, or some other firmly woven fabric.
  • Style Arc’s free January pattern is the Rosie top. Don’t forget to ask for it like I did when I originally placed my order, cuz then you will have to email them and look like a loser.

I am not gonna lie. This pattern is probably not best for  absolute beginners. With all the topstitching and zipper insertions it is definitely going to take some attention to detail and precision. BUT. Don’t be a chicken. You can do more than you think you can. And so what if it doesn’t turn out perfect? You are going to have fun in the sew-along anyway and push yourself to learn some new techniques. Time for the big leagues, right?

Happy sewing!


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    • Yay! The worst that will happen is you will waste a little fabric while you have fun and learn TONS! The best is you will get a stunning new jacket. Worth the risk, right? So glad to have you join in!

  1. I’d love to be included in the sew along. This will be a challenge for me – – but I’m ready to step it up! Looking forward to more information…. Ordered pattern today!

  2. I’d already planned to make this jacket sometime this season. I even have my pattern and fabric! All I need are zippers and time. Your Sew-Along will be great motivation for me to figure out how to make time to sew with an infant sooner rather than later. That said, I sure am glad you picked a start date a month from now!! I’d have no hope in starting before then!

    • You are ahead of the game Amy! I hope your sweet little baby lets you get lots of sewing time in. And that you invite me over to get some baby cuddle time – maybe you could get a nap while bambino and I get acquainted!

  3. A sew-along for this jacket, that’s very good. I won’t be sewing along as I have planned making this jacket before that (cut out the pattern pieces yesterday) but will love to see what beautiful jackets will come from the sew along.

  4. I’m keen…and also a bit nervous. It’ll be my first sew-along and quite an ambitious project for me. But hopefully it’s done by the time I need it for winter!
    – Mary (in Australia)

    • I know just how you feel Mary! But I think that is the benefit of doing it with a group – we will all cheer you on and help you along the way. And really, what is the worst that can happen? Your jacket isn’t perfect? Oh well, you will still likely stretch yourself in the process. Jump in! No one will let you sink!:-)

  5. My pattern arrived today! Plus the free Rosie top – how very exciting.
    I still haven’t found the right fabric though and I feel that time might be running out.
    What do you think about using a fairly lightweight corduroy? I was thinking about a fun printed one with quite narrow cords. Or a wool.
    Uh the dilemmas.
    Also, when do you think you’ll be starting the sew along? I’ll be away for a few weeks from next week so will probably have a bit of catching up to do but hopefully I can get up to speed once I’m back at my sewing desk.

    And in other news, my blog is finally up. Come and visit if you get the chance –


    • Hi Mary! We are planning on starting the sew-a-long on Feb 24th, and we are not going to go super fast. We really want people to have fun and enjoy the process rather than just racing thru trying to meet an artificial deadline. Now about fabric choice. My 2 cents – you will want something that has a bit of body. When I think of lightweight corduroy that says a little more on the drapey side of things. You could interface every piece if you are in love with the corduroy, otherwise maybe the wool might be better? The main thing to think about is what fabric you are going to want to WEAR most. Hope that helps!

      • Hi Maris, thank you so much for all the guidance. I ended up going for quite a sturdy denim with stripes. I’m hoping it will soften up a little but I think it will be very obedient in the construction of the jacket and it will be very wearable and should look good too.
        Thanks again for your help. I look forward to starting.

        • Exciting! I think I am going to use denim too. I have a piece in my stash that is perfect – tho I might be a little short of fabric. If I can squeeze it out I think it will work very well. I am excited to see what everyone comes up wtih!

  6. Thanks Maris, your timing is perfect. I ordered the Ziggy today but didn’t know you were running a sew-along. I’m so glad I found you even though I’m late to the party.

  7. Last spring I made a Sewaholic Minoru raincoat. This spring, I settled on a cropped moto jacket and stumbled on your sew-a-long while researching the Ziggi pattern. By the time I get started, I’ll be at least 6 weeks behind (ordering the pattern this week). But I have all this knowledge to work from, don’t I? I don’t know if I’d have the nerve to embark on a project this complicated without your blog to reference. Thanks!

  8. So excited, Maris!! I’ve had the pattern since it first came out. I too love stylearc patterns but their sketchy instructions plus all those zippers kept me from jumping in. Now I’m ready! Headed to NYC next week and hoping to find the perfect fabric and zippers. Will we be quilting the shoulder area? Thanks so much for doing this!

  9. Are the instructions for the Ziggy jacket still available? I need more instructions than the pattern provides.

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