Quick Tip Tuesday: Dust + Oil

Bernina 1260

One simple way to help prolong the life of your sewing machine is to dust your machine out after every project. Dust is really the enemy of sewing machines, and a good brushing under the stitch plate and behind the bobbin case will get those pesky dustballs out before they become a problem. And if you have a rotary bobbin case, you should also add a teensy drop of oil every few hours of sewing.

Tell the truth now – how often do you clean out your sewing machine?

Happy sewing!


4 Responses to Quick Tip Tuesday: Dust + Oil

  1. This is a great reminder,my machine is at the spa and returns Friday recharged and ready to go. I am very neglectful in my care I think. I have an older Pfaff and it just goes and goes. Thanks

    • Do not neglect your machine! It works so hard for you,lady! Seriously, it is almost a curse that the really well-built machiens can sew regardless of the poor care they receive. Make today “give your machine some love” day!

  2. My serger sure could use some time at the spa. All that cutting, especially on napped fabric, results in a lot of fluff and teensey pieces stuck to the innards. Should probably replace the knife now and then too.

    • NK – sergers are the worst for dust and fluff buildup. I think the “canned air” is best to clean them out. I find it too hard to get a brush inside sergers – so many parts in such a tight space! 😉

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