Announcing: Grainline Archer Sew-Along!

It’s time for another Sew Maris Sew-Along, don’t you think? That’s right, I am hosting the official Sew Maris Archer Shirt Sew-Along this fall!

In case you don’t know this about me, I am a #shirtmakingninja. My dream is to get everyone in the universe excited about making better-than-RTW-looking shirts. Crisp cotton fabric + a great fitting pattern + perfectly executed details = shirt-making heaven! And because I am head-over-heels-in-love with Jen’s amazing Archer pattern, that will be the pattern-of-choice for my Sew-Along. Duh!


The Sew Maris Archer Shirt Sew-Along will start on October, 6th. That gives you time to buy and assemble the pattern, and maybe even make up a quick muslin if you are concerned about fit. In my opinion, the Archer runs quite true to size, but fit is personal. I never discourage anyone from making a muslin.

And please. Don’t start with the negative chatter about “I am not good enough to make a shirt”. I do not want to hear it. You.Have.Got.This. I have loads of little tips and tricks, in addition to Jen’s awesome directions, that will guarantee a great-looking shirt at the end of the sew-along. Truly. Besides, how do you expect to improve your sewing skills if you keep making the same simple things forever? Huh? You know I’m right, so just jump off the deep end and let’s do this together. I’ve got your back.

Now, how do you join the fun?

  1. Join the Sew Maris Archer Shirt Sew-Along FB group (and while you are at it, I would LOVE IT if you “Liked” my Sew Maris FB page!!)
  2. Buy your very own Grainline Archer pattern if you are not yet a lucky owner of said pattern
  3. Tweet about the fun you are having using the hashtag #SMArcherSA
  4. It didn’t happen if you don’t Instagram it using the hashtag #SMArcherSA

Blog buttons will be coming your way soon, so you can proudly announce you are IN!

Did I mention Jen has graciously offered to donate a free pattern to one lucky SMArcherSA participant who completes an Archer? Maybe her new Alder shirtdress pattern could be yours!! A chance to learn more about shirt-making, complete a great shirt, AND win a free pattern? JUMP IN!

Happy sewing!





21 Responses to Announcing: Grainline Archer Sew-Along!

    • Hahahaha, Suzanne! Failure will NOT be tolerated!! 😉

      If you are ever feeling like you just.can’, remind me to tell you about the time I put one freaking sleeve into an armhole wrong 3 times!!!!!!!!!!! Bwaaahhhhh!

    • Just jump in Andrea! It’s only a little fabric!

      If you are concerned about fit – be sure to do a quick muslin. I found the pattern runs quite true to body measurements, but definitely test if you do not have a lot of experience with sewing fitted clothing. Just cut out the yoke, back, fronts, front band, and 1 sleeve and 1 cuff(minimum). If you plan to button it at the neck, and feel like you have an especially small or larger neck – then also cut 1 collar stand. Cut out and sew together accurately – but use a basting stitch – and don’t fuss too much. Just be sure you sew an accurate seam allowance or you won’t learn much. Use an old sheet or any woven (non-stretch) fabric you have that is a similar weight. Be sure to pin closed aligning the center fronts to check the fit. Good luck!

  1. I’m taking this as a sign that I need to sew up that Archer that has been sitting on my cutting table, mostly cut out, and collecting dust for months, while I cut ‘n sew other things. Your Archer enthusiasm may just give my Archer a promotion in the sewing room order.

  2. I’m in too, Maris. The Archer has been on my to-do list for many months and this is just the push I need to get it going. I might not commit to the best fabric on the first one, but with your help, I’m sure I’ll get something fine enough to wear.

  3. Just printed, glued, and cut my archer pattern, now what fabric should I use. I would like a denim shirt and don’t see any on your sugested sights. Would a chambray cotton and linen be suitable? Who makes a good quality chambray? Any suggestions?

    • Hi Mary. Welcome to the Archer Shirt Sew-Along! Did you join the FB group? There are loads of fabric shopping suggestions there. If you don’t “do” FB, for denim/chambray I would suggest Farmhouse Fabrics.Several of us bought a lovely shirt weight denim from them. Shipping was pretty fast too. Hope that helps!

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