Do I love sewing? It’s complicated…

Today I am so happy to welcome Heather Beckley, much better known as the KnittingNBee, to my series celebrating National Sewing Month. This awesome lady will make you LAUGH OUT LOUD every time you read her HI-larious Handmade by Heather B blog. And of course, meet Froggie. Just don’t be fooled by all her foolin’ around. This gal is a pro, and knows her stuff. Take it away, KnitNBee!

Celebrate National Sewing Month by Sew Maris

I’ve got a dirty little secret to admit……come closer, I don’t want Maris to hear……. I don’t love sewing. Gasp! Wait, wait, before you get out your stabbing scissors, let me go on. While I’m currently looking to hire a team of oompa loompas to do my pressing and seam ripping, there are plenty other things related to sewing that make me squeal with glee.

1. Buying fabric. Fabric, sweet fabric, you are the yin to my yang. Let’s hold each other and make wonderful plans for the future. You’re gonna be a coat, and you’re gonna be a fancy dress, and you luxurious silk will sit in my stash forever to be petted and cooed over. “Who’s mommy’s precious? You are!” I don’t even feel that guilty about the stuff that permanently sits in my stash. It’s part of a delicious treasure trove there to inspire me whenever I crack open the stash cave door. I’d probably buy fabric even if I didn’t sew, but that might lead to a few awkward explanations.

Fabric stash by KnitNBee for Sew Maris

2. Buying patterns. The planning companion to my fabric stash which also fills me with joy. I love hunting for them throughout the internet. Sometimes they are wily and hide in unknown web pages. Other times they jump into my blog feed yelling, “Take a look at me!” I carefully make my selections and then wait for them to arrive at my house, so I can stroke their envelopes and sniff their card stock. Mmmmm, tissue paper. PDF patterns are also wonderful purchases. I like to think of them as a giant puzzle of sewing awesomeness waiting to be unlocked. Bring me my glue and my iPod oompa loompas. Mama’s got some assembly to do.

By KnitNBee for Sew Maris

3. Figuring out fit problems….sometimes. Let’s forget about the times when fitting is an unsolvable puzzle and you want to burn it with fire. I’m talking about when I actually figure out a fit problem that has been confusing me for a day or two. All of a sudden an idea pops into my brain. “Eureka, that just might work!” Quickly the adjustment is tested out in a muslin and low and behold the problem is solved. YES! I throw my hands into the air feeling like the supreme badass of fitting! The sewing minions put on “Eye of the Tiger” and I pretend to run up the Art Museum steps. But not really cuz who has time for that crazy amount of cardio.

KnitNBee for Sew Maris

4. Talking to people about patterns, fabric, finished garments, etc. Hello, my name is Heather and I am a sewing junkie, now let’s talk garments! Are you getting to the point that you’d rather dispense with talking to people who know nothing about sewing? I am! Thanks to technology I can fill my day discussing patterns and garments with people all over the world similarly addicted to sewing. I can’t tell you the amount of housework I’ve blown off thanks to Twitter. I regret nothing. Sewing friendships also mean I can finally be a bad influence with my pattern/fabric pushing tendencies. Muhaaaa! I always wanted to be a bad girl, at last my dreams have been fulfilled. Now, pass me that pink ladies jacket cause I gotta go hang out with Frenchie.

By KnitNBee for Sew Maris

5. Slipping on a new garment. Is there anything better than putting on a shiny new garment? I submit that there is not. Admittedly, I’m a product seamstress rather than a process one, so wearing a newly sewn garment is the ultimate high. A high that needs to be duplicated on a regular basis. Better fire up the sewing machine cause I’m starting to get the withdraw shakes.

KnitNBee for Sew Maris

OK, maybe I don’t really dislike sewing after all. It’s greatly enriched my life in many ways, most importantly through friendships with lovely people. I also have a closet full of kick ass clothes that makes me feel pretty smug. Still looking for that seam ripping team of oompa loompas though. Call me, I have chocolate.

Oompa Loompas by KnitNBee for Sew Maris

Now Heather, what I REALLY want to know is where does the mother of a toddler actually WEAR all the beautiful dresses you make? I could never get out of jeans + Lands End cotton sweaters when my kids were small. I bow to you, oh supreme goddess of all the beautiful dresses in the universe! 🙂

Happy sewing!


13 Responses to Do I love sewing? It’s complicated…

  1. I’m a very fancy person at the local grocery store and preschool pick up. 😉 There are often odd looks since I’m overdressed compared to the local standards. Other people really like it and tell me it’s nice to see someone “put together.”

    • I agree with those who like to see someone “put together”. I always say, if we garment sewists aren’t going to lift up the general appearance of people on the street, who in the heck will!

      Thanks again for your always-funny, ever-inspiring, and totally-in-the-know take on sewing, KnitNBee!


  2. Oh Heather, I love you so much. You are rightly famous (in the right circles 😉 for your humour and productivity, but I have so much admiration for he skills you share with the rest of us! You’ve got such great tutorials, and you are always up for helping with techniques, patterns recommendations, and fabric wisdom! You really share so much. Kisses to you and Froggie!

  3. Heather you are too funny! I think I love sewing for all the same reasons! Thank you so much for teaching me and inspiring me and mostly for making me laugh! The pugs are pretty good at seam ripping should I send them over? They don’t work for chocolate though, they work for chips!

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