Time for new jeans: Jalie 2908

I love making my own jeans. Oftentimes sewn garments are more expensive than purchased garments, but jeans are one item where you actually can save a little money. And they are fun to sew!

Black Jeans Supplies
My preferred pattern is Jalie 2908. If you venture over to PatternReview.com you will find many reviews of this jean pattern, and it was rated a “Best of PR” pattern in 2009. A good place to start if you are new to jeans-making.

Bernina 830

Bernina 710

Bernina 1300MDC

I like to set up 3 machines when I make jeans. Sounds crazy, I know, but it eliminates constant thread changes. I use my vintage Bernina 830 to seam with regular poly thread; my Bernina 710 for topstitching with denim topstitching thread; and my serger to run a 3-thread overlock on all seams.

Black JEans Yoke Reversed

I was able to get the back legs of the jeans totally assembled. As a matter of fact, I assembled part of this section twice. I cleverly reversed the back yokes—yes, topstitching, serging and all—so I got the chance to bond with my seam ripper tonight. BAH! Wouldn’t that have been comfortable with the center back dipping down in the middle?

Black Jeans Back

That’s more like it! I also decided to try dropping the back pockets down 1 inch from where the suggested pattern placement. Have you noticed how some jeans have the back pockets halfway down the legs? Trying to avoid the mom jean look here – tho I don’t think this pattern is mom-ish as is. But anyway, trying a new pocket placement. 😉

Black JEans Fronts

Not too much accomplished on the front legs. Yes, that would be because I had so much ripping to do. Not that I am bitter or anything. I got both front pockets/linings attached. Darn it, I forgot to add a coin pocket to these pants. It is not included on the pattern but I sometimes put one on just for a fun detail. Oh well, next time.

Black Jeans Red Lining

The red pocket lining will have to provide the fun factor for this pair of jeans. Maybe I can finish them tomorrow. No promises!

Happy sewing!



10 Responses to Time for new jeans: Jalie 2908

  1. My mom had that same vintage Bernina! I grew up sewing with it. I really like the Jalie jeans pattern, but I hate stretch denim. My jeans are 4 inches too big right now because they stretch out so much as I wear them. 🙁 I am going to try the pattern with regular denim (if I can find any!!!). It seems non-stretch denim is rare these days.

    • Hahaha! It really is hard to find non-stretch denim, Laura. Sometimes Marcy Tilton has it, and Mood often does. Be careful of this pattern without stretch – size up a little or cut bigger side seam allowances. Baste and try it on before committing! I have noticed a BIG difference in the amount of stretch, and “growth throughout the day” factor on various denims. Some are better than others. Good luck!

      • I bought my denim from Gorgeous Fabrics and it had very little spandex/lycra. I’ve ordered denim samples from Mood. They had one or two that were good. I will have to check Marcy Tilton. These jeans were huge when I first basted them together. After sewing them for real, they just kept stretching. I took them in even more. I thought they were okay after that, but they just keep stretching. I’m not sure how everything I sew ends up way too big on me on my first attempt. Maybe I just think I’m bigger than I really am?

        • Laura honey, if everything is big, ummm, the universe is trying to tell you something. 😉 I especially find this in the Big 4 – size down. Jalie and Style Arc not as much.

          I think sometimes the weave makes a difference in stretchiness too – not just the amount of lycra. I bought some CK denim from District Fabrics a few weeks back and it did not seem very stretchy at all – until I washed it. Now I am thinking these babies will get basted together and help me do some housework before the final stitching.

  2. So glad you posted your foibles as it’s something I’d do. Am sure the end product will be great as 2908 is a fabulous pattern. Good luck in the last steps. BTW, do you add rivets? If so, could you post on this step?

    • Thanks Silknmore! They are done and I am very happy with them. Need a few tiny tweaks for the back end, including pocket size, but nothing that prevents them from being worn. I have tried rivets in the past and failed – but maybe I will have another go at them! Thanks for reading!

    • Hi Catja,
      I recommend you buy Jalie from PatternReview – weirdly you will receive them much faster than if you order directly from Jalie. And occasionally they even go on sale at PR!


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