Wallet pattern obsession

You know what I’m talking about, because you do it too.

You start sewing something new, a type of garment or fabric or project that you have never tried before. Maybe the pattern instructions are not as clear as they could be. Or maybe the pattern doesn’t fit together perfectly. Or the finished product is OK, but if you only added a {insert feature of your choice} it would be AWESOME!

See, you get obsessed, too. That’s what happened when I tried to sew my first wallet pattern. One of my darling students was working on a wallet/mini-purse, and I thought her project looked so adorable I wanted to join in the fun. Me, the crazy-I-only-sew-garments lady, wanted to make a wallet. Well, I felt a little like the ACA; the V1 rollout kinda stunk.

First wallet front

See what I mean? The flap has a flip, and not at all in a good way.

First wallet inside flat

The inside sections are sort of OK. At least I like the credit card section in the middle. But the accordion pocket and the zippered pocket at the bottom make the lower edge too bulky.

First wallet back

And those D-rings I added to the original pattern for the wristlet strap make the wallet look like it is trying to fly away little bird! Or possibly mimic Ross Perot’s bat-ears. Major badness! And I don’t believe I mentioned the feel of the wallet was rather, ummm, chintzy. Cheap. Definitely not what I was going for.

I actually had used more and heavier interfacing than the original pattern called for. Soooo, either my fabric was too lightweight (quilting cotton) or I needed more oomph under the covers. I had some fusible batting in my stash, so I cut out a new wallet and fused the batting to the outside back. Yes, I even quilted it a little. In a swirly, not-genuine-quilting kind of way that would embarrass my real quilting friends. But still—I stitched thread thru batting and cloth so in my book it counts. Hey, what about the strip of fabric across the entire back holding the D-rings? Kind of Baggallini-esque, eh?

Second wallet back in-process

Progress, right?

More to come. I stayed up till 1:00 a.m. the other night obsessing over V2 of my wallet. I don’t think bags/wallets are going to overtake garments for me, but something is pushing my geeky-problem-solving mind to perfect this item.

Happy sewing!


4 Responses to Wallet pattern obsession

  1. Oooh! A wallet. The wallet I’m currently using is handmade, but I think I’ll need to replace it soon as the credit card pockets have really stretched out. I hope you’ll share a lot of the secrets you find to improving V2!

  2. When will the wallet pattern be available. Hope soon. My wallet is shot and I like that you have an zippered area. But wondering if the zipper area is in back of where the bills insert and if it could be put there with no problem maybe as an additional zipper.


    • There are 2 pockets that bills can fit into – one has the zippered pocket behind and one is behind the credit cards. I am working on the pattern – but there are a lot of steps to releasing a pattern so I won’t say “soon”. I would say “pretty soon”. 😉

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