Vogue 8323 Purple FAIL

Tissue knits and I have a very passive-aggressive relationship. They always promise to behave properly before they get into my studio; but once home they immediately start sneaking around causing trouble. Most confrontations end up Tissue Knit 1; Sew Maris 0.

Purple Tissue Knit T-shirt by Sew Maris

See what I mean? Most T-shirts do not end up making me look as broad as the side of a barn, and ummmm, frankly,  matronly. <shudder>

These sleeves hit at the wrong point, and ride up if I wear a cardigan because they are all loose and sloppy. The artsy, little twisted neckline looks like CRAP. There are some weird flare-y things going on at the sides near the hem.

Purple Tissue Knit T-shirt by Sew Maris

WTH? I generally like princess lines on my body. I like purple. I have successfully attached cute, artsy little necklines onto Ts before. But this shirt is just one hot mess.

I am not giving up on this pattern; I think made up using a fabric with a bit more heft things could turn out differently.

Maybe part of it is I grew up sewing on linen, wool, and nice weight cottons, and I just haven’t developed a “light touch” for for handling these uber-soft and lightweight knits. But this fabric has beaten me once too often; I am going to conquer it or die trying. Game on!

Happy sewing!


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  1. Although I sympathize with your pain, I have to also say that its a great comfort that even really good and experienced sewers like yourself have these challenges. It makes me not feel as bad about my own mistakes.

    • Hahaha, Suzanne – if you are not having any sewing challenges you aren’t pushing yourself very hard. they are always new fabrics, techniques, design lines out there – who wants to keep doing the same thing over and over? Not me! Just need to accept a certain amount of failures I guess. Keep on sewing and experimenting! 🙂

  2. Those twisty binding features usually look like bad cutting, poor sewing and incompetent ironing, can you tell I’m not a fan?
    As for tissue knits and closely related fine mesh fabrics – the best I can do with them is simple casual styles and stabilise edges. That said, tissue knits are great stuff to underline stretch laces – now there’s a marriage.

    • Ahhh, underlining is a great idea, Morgan. I have had success with twisty bindings before…but oye, not this time. I am thinking more drapey/slowy styles would be better too. Thanks for your thoughts!!

  3. I’m eager to see your successes with tissue knits as they are challenging for me, too: they look lovely on the bolt but are not flattering when made up. They must be lined or worn over another garment for modesty’s sake. They can look skimpy, even cheap, when made into some patterns. Any secrets for success you can discover and share will be most welcome.

  4. I like those knits, and have a devil of a time with some of them. I have found that serging the seams and hems results in less flaring and distortion especially at the hem because you can use the differential feed. On a DSM, have you tried decreasing your pressure foot pressure and using a walking foot? I’m sure you’ll figure out what is best with your machines soon. I agree about the sleeves, I always take them in so they fit very tight to my arm, especially the 3/4 length.

  5. Oh. Thank you. Thank you for sharing a failure! I spent hours on a beautiful linen tunic. Then tried it on. Don’t know what happened, but between the basting and finishing the seams, it no longer fits, and I discovered the neckline was cut wrong. Oh. Blast. I was ready to give away my stash and machine. You’ve encouraged me to try, try again.

    • Oh my heavens, Kathleen! Never give up sewing!

      Hang your tunic in the closet for a while, and I bet you will have some fresh ideas on how it can be salvaged. Change the neckline to get a different look? Let the seams out a little or take them in a smidge? Ask some sewing girlfriends and you will likely get loads of creative ideas to salvage it. And even if you end up tossing it – it is only a little bit of fabric and time. You learned something from it, and pushed yourself creatively. Good job, and ALWAYS keep on sewing! (cheaper than therapy and WAY more fun, right? LOL!)

  6. I HATE tissue knits! They curl so badly when you’re trying to cut and sew them and even when I’ve successfully sewed them, they don’t wear well at all. I’ve sworn them off forever!

  7. I’ve conquered tissues knits by using a fabric stabilizer before cutting. I use Perfect Sew by Palmer/Pletsch. Kind of feels like “cheating” but eliminates the frustration so it’s worth it.

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