Love the coat, no love for double cloth


Thank goodness. All done except hemming the sleeves. All I can say is it is a good thing I love the coat, because I truly hated working with this fabric. Seriously hated it. Enough to consider pitching it a couple of times during construction. Separating the fleece from the nylon was no darn fun at all. My DH was able to rip it apart pretty easily, but I just don’t have the hand strength for that. And there was just too much bulk to retain the fleece in the front facings and hem edges — it had to go.  I used a razor blade to help set the fold line, and ripped the balance after my DH got it started. See how weird the naked front facing looks? Gotta love that perfectly straight edge, huh?


Did I mention how easy it is to cut thru the nylon when using a razor blade? Umm, yeah.


I tried mending the holes (yes, holes — I definitely made more than 1!) with fusible interfacing and fusible stay tape. No love from either of these products. Luckily, the 007 Bonding Agent did the trick. It is one big pain to apply neatly, but I repaired my damage and didn’t make it look worse. Always a plus.



For the hem edge, I cut off the bulk of the fleece I wanted to remove with my curved blade Kai scissors, and then scraped a little more off with the razor blade.  Not a bad result, but definitely tedious.At least I managed to not add any more holes.



Sooo glad this project is almost done. I think if it ages in the closet for a while I will enjoy wearing it…hopefully!

Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen


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  1. Lizz Savard says:

    It will be worth it! I can tell from the collar detail in the top photo…..

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