Vogue 8539 – done


Finally, the double torture is over. I finished the sleeve hems and added two more rows of topstitching to the bottom hem, and decided to call this one good. I DO think it is cute, and it was warm and cozy last night when I wore it to my Bellevue neighborhood group ASG meeting.  And let’s just say I am glad it is out of my sewing room. Really glad. I will definitely think twice before buying double-cloth that needs to be separated again!

And now on to the next adventure —twin sets! I seem to have (ahem) collected a bit of sweater knit fabric. And to think I was considering buying some at Pacific Fabrics the other day! No doubt there is a purchase in my future, but first I am going to make up a few shells and cardigans using the Loes Hinse twin set pattern. I am in the mood for something simple and fun, and this exactly fits the bill.

Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen


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