Friday Fail: The Seduction of a Simple Serging Task

This week let’s start something new — #fridaysewfail confession time! This is where you get to share a recent sewing fail, receive community absolution, and immediately head out for a start-of-the-weekend adult beverage. I’ll go first, and then I can get on with celebrating the weekend. 😉

Ruffly skirt made by Sew Maris

OK, I wasn’t literally drinking while I was serging the elastic on the waist of this simple ruffle-tiered fabric, but the result kinda looks like I might have had one lemon drop too many, right? 😉

Ruffly skirt by Sew Maris

Sometimes we all get into the mindset that “this is so simple I don’t even have to <pin it>, <measure it>, <baste it>, <change to the correct needle>, <insert the sewing job of your choice>”. Or we actually only have 30 minutes during the day to sew, because the rest of the time is occupied with work, child-rearing, housework, sleeping, etc.

Ruffly Skirt by Sew Maris

This ruffled knit fabric totally seduced me into the “I can whip this skirt up in 30 minutes” state of mind. And I did stitch it up about that fast. But bloody hell, it is far from my best work. The ruffles line up pretty well on the seam, but would you take a close look at the elastic serging job? Geez Louise. One.Hot.Mess. Did I mention there is no hem in this fabric because a) it is a knit and does not ravel, and b) the ruffly bits on sewn onto the mesh layer are already finished!

Whatever. I am not going to rip out serging and redo it. I rarely do the “tops tucked” thing, so no one will be the wiser. Except y’all. 😉

Come on, your turn. Did you have something to share for this week’s #fridaysewfail ?

Happy sewing, and enjoy a Pimm’s cocktail on me this weekend!


11 Responses to Friday Fail: The Seduction of a Simple Serging Task

  1. Yep, lazy ‘I don’t need to baste my waistband edges’ moment on a pair of Elle pants, meant I missed one edge and ripped the whole thing off pulling them up. It took more time to unpick and redo it than the rest of the pants. Stupid woman! But they’re done and fabulous now 😉

  2. Oh, this is fun! I made a horrible knit shirt. All the pattern reviews told me this thing ran really, really large. I thought I worked it out between tissue fitting, measuring the pattern and trying it on as I go but the final top is terrible. The thing doesn’t come close to fitting. I threw it in a box in case I become pregnant. It’ll be a great maternity top or a nursing top because it about falls off me anyways. It really stinks because the actual sewing was really good. Oh well, I’ll let it cool for a while and see if I can’t fix it somehow.

  3. I recently had to wad what I had hoped was going to be a really pretty linen dress. After spending 2 days perfecting the muslin, I was ready to go. I was using silk organza underlining and I very lightly (I thought) traced my pieces on it. I was horrified when I saw that even my faint lines showed through on my very pale linen fashion fabric! I kept going for a while, thinking that no one would notice. But it was long before I realized that there was just no getting around it. There was bleed-through for all the world to see. A glass of wine later and it went into the trash! Lesson learned! I feel better knowing that even those with your level of experience also have mishaps!!

    • I swear, Cissie, it is never-ending! We get too busy, too tired, and don’t think things thru when in that state. Or ignore our inner voice that knows better! 😉 The good news for me is that so far at least, none of my students have made a mistake that I didn’t know how to undo. HAHA! Even the negative experiences have paid off for me!! 🙂

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