Time to get Dress-ed


This is it, dear friends, my entry for The Monthly Stitch Dresses Contest!

As you know from yesterday’s post, my Salme pattern attempt for the contest was a major fail. Luckily I had ordered another small containerseveral new patterns from Style Arc, including the Kate Dress. There also happened to be a bit of suitable knit fabric in my stash, so I was off and running.

Style Arc Kate Wrap Dress by Sew Maris

Fit. Almost perfect. I think the shoulder seam angle could be adjusted a bit, but I am not sure about that. I did my usual petite-above-the-waist adjustment. Unlike some other reviewers on patternreview.com, the skirt length was perfect for me. I am not that tall (5’7″), but since about 5 feet of that is in my legs, the “too-long-for-many” skirt was just right for me. I guess you know why I always have to petite those bodices, now, too! 😉

Style Arc Kate Wrap Dres sby Sew Maris

Drafting. Up to Style Arc’s usual high standards. These pieces just fit together. Period.

Style Arc Kate WrapDress by Sew Maris

Flattering. DVF nailed it, and others have been copying the look for years because it looks great on so many body shapes.

Style Arc Kate Dress by Sew MAris

Styling. I actually really like the little tuck detailing on the sleeves of this pattern, but my fabric was of-the-devil, and I was totally unsuccessful at producing a decent topstitch. No matter what type of needle I tried, the darn thing just wanted to “grip” the fabric when pulling out. I eliminated the tucks on this version, but I like the dress so much I will likely make it again in a friendlier fabric choice and plan to try them again. The right front pleats were easy enough to make, but they are just not very visible in the busy print of my fabric. I think they would be a nice design element on a solid cotton/lycra fabric though.

Style Arc Kate Wrap Dress by Sew Maris

Instructions. Fine, but this dress is so simple you really don’t need them anyway.

Do yourself a favor and order this pattern, and make up this dress. I need to go cut out a few more right now!

Happy sewing!


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  1. love it!! And boy Style Arc is getting lots of press it seems right now on their great patterns (which I totally agree with – their patterns are great!)

  2. i’m so glad this pattern worked out for you, it looks AMAZING on! you’re right: DVF nailed it, and so did you 🙂 you know, i’m 5’8″ and also have to petite upper bodices! all my height is in my legs too! can’t wait to try some style arc patterns, they look so good!

    • Thank you Lisa. You will NOT be disappointed in Style Arc patterns. They are so well-drafted. I do not love ALL of their designs, but most of them are very appealing to me. You def need to allow for shipping from Australia, and the cost is high, but for me the payoff is huge. I just do not have to fiddle with them to get a good fit, and so far I have not been disappointed in the outcome from a style perspective. Let me know which one you decide to make first!

  3. Chic as ever Maris! It’s hard to tell from the line drawing but does it have a band finishing the neckline or did you decide to do that of your own accord? I’d like a wrap dress pattern……. I’m really happy with my style arc elle pants. My pattern cost per make is down to about $2/ pair now!

  4. Your “Kate” dress looks fabulous on you! Don’t you just love it? I made it up 3 times in a week when I first got it, I liked it so much! I’ve tried more wrap patterns than I care to remember and this is definitely the winner!

  5. I just started making this pattern over the weekend. To test the fit I am simply making a top. Yours looks very nice. I am curious about your neckline finishing. Did you bind the neckline?

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