How many coats does a girl need?



I think I mentioned yesterday I am itching to make coats this fall, and Vogue 1137 is another one that has tickled my fancy. Really, in rainy, windy Seattle do I need TWO coats that do not button and are  designed to be made out of something other than wool melton? LOL, the practicle answer is “of course not”, but I am still very attracted to this design at the moment. I could actually see making both of these garments and continuing my JackiO obsession at the same time. The coat is reversible, so maybe one side in a lightweight wool, and the other in silk taffeta? (Right, because I need TWO new silk dresses in one season!)  Maybe I could make the dress and one side of the coat out of lightweight solid wool, and another side of black and white houndstooth wool plaid. So very au courant! And I could at least pretend it had some practicle value if it was all wool.

Between teaching sewing lessons the next few days, and a fun class tomorrow night learning to make (better) fascinators, I am likely to not get much sewing done for myself this week. And next week I am taking a 3-day “masters” sewing class. Finally, I will get to be a master at something! 

Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen

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