Creativity + sewing skills + grand-daughters = adorable


Blue Dress with lace

It is awesome to watch my beginning students really get bit by the sewing bug.  Once they get comfortable operating a big, scary piece of machinery (aka a “sewing machine”), there is no stopping them.

One of my new students this fall has 3 grand-daughters, and she had a vision of what she wanted to make for the girls. I am pretty sure those girls are going to have a big surprise this Christmas-Grandma has been ver-r-r-y busy!

You can’t see from this view but this black polka-dot skirt has a rhinestone, sparkly exposed zipper on the back. And what about the rickrack trim? It really makes the skirt colors pop, doesn’t it?

Polka Dot skirt with rick rack

I love the farm scenes on this print, and the brown lace edging is just right.

White print skirt with trims

This one is so cheerful and bright – no one could have a bad day wearing this creation.

Yellow print skirt with blue rick rack

Two strawberry print skirts for sisters – just different enough and both adorable.

Strawberry print with red band and rick rack


Strawberry print skirt with rick rack

I love this pink print – so modern and fresh!

Pink skirt with rick rack

I love watching what happens when someone who already has a creative vision gains a few simple skills at a sewing machine – magic! How about you? What is going to be your inspiration this week? I’d love to hear about it!

Happy sewing,

Maris Olsen


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