A good excuse

Sorry for the long quietude around here, but really, I have a great excuse! And here she is, getting a last hug from her West Coast Nana.


Oona Buzz Szwajkos was born on December 6th, a perfect and petite little thing at just 7 pounds. She and her proud momma and daddy are doing just great, and I was lucky enough to be in NYC when she was born.  She is my first grandchild, and so far I am exceeding all the stereotypical grandma craziness. Of course I am totally smitten with her, and yes it was really hard to leave her in New York. I plan on making many trips east in 2012. 🙂  Look how cute she looks with her momma and daddy, getting ready to come home from the hospital.


Between new grandbaby and the holiday craziness, I haven’t had 2 minutes to update my blog. As you may have noticed. But I promise to get back on track once all the festivities are over, the house is semi-put-back-together, and all the adult-children-houseguests have returned to their own living quarters.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanza, and Joyful Winter Solstice  to all!

Maris Olsen

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  1. Yeah! Your greatest accomplishment yet! (by proxy anyway…) Lovely Oona! Lucky Oona! Can’t wait to see her modeling all her Grandma’s lovely creations!

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