2012 sewing resolutions

Oh goodness. I took a look at my 2011 sewing goals (again) today. My achievement was less than stellar.

  1. Actually use my sewing machine covers regularly occasionally. 
  2. Attend ASG Conference (plenty of cheap flights SEA -> LAX, no excuse NOT to go!)
  3. Finish my Chanel jacket (sooooooooooooo close!)
  4. Make a new basic pants pattern for myself (part-way there…..)
  5. Make a new basic pants pattern for my youngest DD (also part-way there…..)
  6. Complete a tailored jacket for myself, using my notebook from Judy Barlup’s “Japanese Tailoring” class taken *oh so long ago*
  7. Sew a minimum of 20 hours/month in 2011 (am I really going to track this???)
  8. Sew at least 1 item that is “just for fun” every month (a cute pincushion, a pretty scarf, an organizing item of some kind, etc).

Three out of 8 actually completed, and a bit of progress  on numbers 4 and 5. Nothing on 6 and 8. No comment on 1.

If this list was the sum total of  all my sewing accomplishments , I would be deeply bereft. But I put things on my 2011 list that seemed important at the beginning of the year, and as the year unfolded, priorities shifted. Other things moved to the top of my “want to do or learn” list. Like making jeans. Like teaching more students. Like adding more group classes at Pacific Fabrics.  

So, with more than a year of teaching and blogging, what are my sewing goals for 2012? More. More sewing. More challenging projects. More learning of new techniques. More stretching and growing as a teacher and textile artist.

How about you? Any goals or ideas for the new year? Share ’em!

Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen

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