New Olympic sport

It takes endurance, discipline, and focus, and only the most seasoned have the strength and commitment to participate in what gets my vote for the newest Olympic sport: marathon sewing! My goal for this weekend is to win a gold medal by completing 5 articles of clothing that are in various stages of completion at this very moment.

Item number 1: pajama pants for adorable SIL. The inside leg seam is stitched and the crotch seam is stitched, leaving the outer leg seam, waistband ties, waistband elastic, and hems to be done. Getting them packaged to ship to Brooklyn is not part of this event.


Item number 2: Second pair of uniform pants for my favorite nine year-old. This project is cut out, markings added, and interfacing applied. Waistband facing fabric has not been purchased or discovered in stash. She likes having a contrast fabric here, and I do too! I am going to try to remember to actually time this event.


Item number 3: Knit dress pour moi. I cut this out last spring, but that is as far as I got. I am getting tired of wearing the knit dresses I have and am looking for a new favorite. This could be it! The fabric is a buttery soft rayon lycra knit, and just feels luscious. One of the gals in my local ASG group has made 3 or 4 different versions of this same pattern – all adorable BTW. Hoping mine is equally adorable!


Items number 4 and 5: Black wool crepe skirts. Honestly, I am not sure what state these 2 items are in. They are cut out. I think one has the silk organza underlining basted and is partially completed. The other….hmmmm. I think (hope!) I made 2 different views of this pattern…but I will let you know on Monday. I am not sure if I have lining for these or not….this will be my mystery project for the weekend.


Wish me luck! Monday’s post will provide full disclosure on my progress!

Happy sewing!


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