My dream life

In my dream life, I lead a well-organized and smooth functioning life. I clean my house daily and follow a routine to ensure all tasks are completed on a regular schedule. My garden is well tended, weed-free, and all plants are planted at the correct time of year. I never have “unfinished objects” in my sewing room, my dog gets his shots on schedule, and I make delicious and nutritious meals for my husband every day. My quarterly taxes are done early, federal taxes are done and filed by February 10th, and my business paperwork is completed weekly. My sewing room is neat and clutter free at all times

Ummm, yeah. In my real life, consistency, routine, and regiment are not descriptors used for Sew Maris. I am frequently overwhelmed, under-rested, and unsure of which priority task to tackle next. The  last week or so has been fairly insane, and has included lots of sewing lessons for new and continuing students, family obligations, business deadlines, and more! All that to say….no blogging has occurred this week, dear readers. My apologies!

Happy sewing! I hope you are getting more done in the sewing room than I am!

Maris Olsen

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