Luxury of linen


The shirt fetish continues, and my DH has another custom shirt hanging in his side of the closet. This one is linen – a  beautiful taupey beige that will look great with a selection of pant colors. This is the first linen shirt I have made, and it went together like a dream. I think I only ripped a small section of the neckline to remove a little bubble – other than that it was a piece o’ cake.

Again, I just have to say I double-heart David Page Coffin’s shirt placket technique. I think it looks so “Brooks Brothers”and I find his process to be very simple. Well, maybe it is simple because I have done it 18 times now.  🙂  Anyway, I am very happy with the outcome.


My DH loves buttondown collars. And especially in this heavier linen fabric, the “cut on” under collar process is the ticket. Anything to reduce bulk in the collar points.


Another thing I have learned after making 9 shirts for DH – nix the fusible interfacing. I have tried several different types, but I find some, especially woven fusibles, tend to “bubble up” in the dryer.  Yeah. You know that  Becky-Home-Ec-y look.  Just screams “homemade” instead of “custom”. I know, I know. If I just popped his shirts into the dryer for a few minutes and then hang till dry all would be well. But sometimes things happen in my house that cannot be controlled. Like dryer regulation. So I find it safer to use a traditional woven, non-fusible shirt interfacing on DH’s shirts.

I am pretty sure it is time to make a pretty spring blouse or skirt for me next…or maybe go back to my bustier that got waylaid. 

 Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen

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  1. “a beautiful taupey beige that will look great with a selection of pant colors”. AND it will look great with a selection of ink colors! A beautiful shirt, Maris.

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