Quick Tip Tuesday: Mark Pattern Notches FAST

I do not have to sew and do EVERYTHING in my life at top speed, but I  am really not into wasting time performing necessary tasks in an inefficient manner. Take pattern notches, for example. Why in the name of Sam Hill would anyone spend time actually completely cutting  the triangular shaped notch in their fabric? Can you spell stoo-pid timewaster?

People. A quick, small snip (1/8 inch!) into the center of the triangle is all that is required. Done and done.Now get back to sewing. Or eating chocolate. 😉

Happy sewing!


10 Responses to Quick Tip Tuesday: Mark Pattern Notches FAST

  1. I just make the tiniest dot on the very edge of the cut fabric to mark notches, using a permanent Sharpie. On black fabric, I use a silver Sharpie. Quicker even than a tiny nip with a scissors. The tiny dot is usually cut off when finishing the seam.

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