Hooked another one

Watching a kid light up with enthusiasm for a new interest totally rocks. You can almost see those synapses firing away as they connect all the dots, right?

Making PJ pants

And those funny “faces” you can design on a stuffed tomato with pins —priceless!

Pincushion fun

It is a little thing, yet not. A bit of fabric. Some thread on a spool. A machine that stitches the pieces together. Someone to help guide you in the process.  Added all together; magic.

Checking for problems

I have so many reasons I love to teach sewing. Their names are Helen, Gabby, Devon, Leah, Mavin, etc.

Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen


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  1. Hello! I’ve been reading your blog for a while, but I’m just now coming out of the lurking closet. My 5 year old niece has recently asked me to teach her how to sew (be still my heart!). I think she’s a little young yet to use a machine. Can you recommend any age-appropriate projects or point me in a direction? Thanks for all you do to keep passing this wonderful skill along!

    • Hi Diana! Thanks for your kind words, and wonderful news about your niece! I agree that 5 is a little young to sew on the machine, tho if you/she has a sewing machine with variable speed control and does not require foot pressure she could do it on the slowest setting. Kids are so enamored of sewing on the machine! Some fun projects might be little softie toys – something like http://mccallpattern.mccall.com/m5826-products-9419.php?page_id=909. You don’t need a pattern for a 5 year-old – just draw some simple shapes. She could decorate with fabric paints or Sharpies, and can also insert rick-rack or ribbons for “legs”. The younger set around here love that type of thing. Or maybe a simple blanket for her doll or stuffed animal? If she really gets into it pillowcases are so simple and they love to sleep on something they made. Hope those ideas help, and let me know how it goes! Best of luck!

  2. Thank you for the encouragement and ideas. I will keep you posted – though it may be a while before we get started. I don’t have a variable speed machine (or one with knee control), but I bet I can sit her on my lap and let her help me that way. We’ve done a similar thing with knitting – her hands over my hands as I knit. If using the machine, we can even make a simple elastic waist skirt – which she would love!

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